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A Fine Point

“If guns kill people, can I blame misspelled words on my pen?”

Gun Control

“Gun control - the theory that 110 pound women have the “right” to fistfight with 210 pound rapists.”
No further comment required.

The Tender Mercies of Government Healthcare

Oregon's government run healthcare plan denied cancer treatment to a 53 year old man.  They were kind enough to offer to pay for physician assisted suicide though.  They're all heart in Oregon.

Fashionable versus Rational

“Unfortunately, we too often focus on the most fashionable spending options, rather than the most rational.”
Bjorn Lomborg

The Housing Bill

I am rather irritated by the recently passed Housing Bill.  While I have sympathy for the people who are facing foreclosure, the reality is that most of them are victims of their own poor decisions.  They elected to roll the dice on variable rate mortgage products because they were buying a house they really couldn't [...]

GDP Rank Poster

Feel free to post and distribute.

The Siren Song of Socialism

There was a good commentary in the Investor's Business Daily website (hat tip to Newbie Shooter) on the siren song of socialism.  It is worth reading because it is a good reminder that the battle against Marxism is still not over.  Marxism's ideological descendents are still very much alive, but much more carefully packaged.

Occasionally blunt, [...]

New Links

Added a mess of new links today.  

Body Count

Added two killings to the Body Count, 7/25/2008 and 12/28/2005.

Is today Bizzaro day?

A few weeks ago, we mentione that Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign said that he didn't see a problem with concealed carry.  Now, via Ahab, we read that the Peter Hamm has been talking about open carry.

Peter Hamm, spokesman for the Brady Campaign, the largest U.S. gun control organization, said he doesn't dispute the [...]

American Healthcare Rocks!

There was a great commentary in Monday's WSJ about a new study that analyzed survival rates for several common types of cancer among 31 countries.  Wouldn't you know it?  American healthcare came out on top.

How can that be when other countries have universal healthcare?  The answer is exactly what free market supporters have been saying [...]

Classic Hit Piece

There was a ridiculous piece about Sen. McCain misspeaking a number of times recently.  It is an ominous sounding story that claims to "raise a serious, if uncomfortable question: Are the gaffes the result of his age?"  Give me a break.  The article's motivation has nothing to do with age: it's politics.  This is just [...]

Bush Tax Cuts and Fairness

There was a fine editorial on tax rates and tax revenues in Monday's WSJ.  Basically the Bush tax cuts resulted in the largest increase in tax payments by the rich in history. 

2006 tax data (the most recent released by the IRS) shows that:

*the top 1% of earners were paying 40% of all income taxes
*the top [...]

The Myth of Underfunded Schools

I came across an article from 2004 when Finland's schools were ranked best in the world by a new study.  There were a number of things that stood out.  First, is that they only spend about $5,000 per year per student.  Second is the rigorous requirements for becoming a teacher - a master's degree is [...]

Formerly Free Britain

Bitter has a post where she mentions a variety of ways the British authorities can get access to homes without authorization.  Needless to say I had to look some of these up.  Now, keep in mind this is national legislation in the country that gave us the Magna Carta and John Locke (toss in Adam Smith too if [...]

Law-Abiding Gun Owner Defends Home

Via Sebastian, a law-abiding gun owner shot a burglar inside his house at 5:00 AM.  Being NJ, there is nothing to ensure the home owner, who is a law-abiding gun owner, won't be charged.  NJ…what a place.

I keep returning to something I have said many times before: any government that interferes with the right to self [...]

A Birthday and a Legend Celebrated

Nelson Mandela turned 90 yesterday.  While it is true he flirted a bit too much with marxism it was, perhaps, inevitable given the circumstances.  Despite that there is no doubt he has to be considered one of the great democrats (little "d") of the 20th century. 

From his speech at the end of his trial for [...]

Currency Costs + Non-currency Costs = Total Cost

In an email, a former neighbor mentioned that some other former neighbors had moved to Canada.  She mentioned:

"Everything costs far more than here, with the exception of health care."

Oh, it still costs plenty folks.   But you write the check to Ottawa in the form of higher taxes rather than to your doctor.  Then the differential [...]

Interesting Civil Rights History

Ever heard of the Civil Rights Act of 1875?  I'll be honest, neither had I until recently.  The law guaranteed "…'full and equal enjoyment' of public accommodations, such as hotels, transportation or theaters. It granted blacks the right to sue for personal damages, and allowed any qualified person to serve as a juror."  Interestingly, this [...]

Ridiculing Reduced Output

From Marginal Revolution, an excellent economics blog:

"many of the same people who ridicule the idea that private-sector output is meaningfully reduced by higher taxes are convinced that private-sector output is meaningfully raised by higher subsidies."