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Added to the Body Count

Added 5 women, shot then buried alive in Pakistan.  The date of the incident is unknown, used the article's date 8/31/2008.

Facts You Will Not Learn in History Class

The following nuggets appear in Thomas Sowell’s Economic Facts and Fallacies.

1.  From 1500 to 1800 more Europeans were captured and enslaved by Africans (the Barbary Pirates) than Africans were enslaved and sent to America.

2.  European slaves were being bought and sold in the Islamic world decades after slavery was abolished in the U.S.

3. Brazil imported [...]

$100 Billion Nonsense

I read a magazine article recently that criticized  the methods used to derive estimates on the annual cost of gun violence in America.  I did a little poking around and, sure enough, the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) cites an estimate: $100 billion annually.  Not surprisingly, this number is very bogus.  Read an more detailed critique [...]

The Sarah Palin Pick

Wow. I’m generally of the opinion that VP choices don’t make much of a difference in presidential elections. But I have never seen a reaction like this. She’s an instant rock start. Is it possible that McCain’s pick is a game changer? I guess we’ll find out over the next [...]

Media Intimidation by Obama’s Campaign

There is a pretty remarkable story on National Review Online about the Obama campaign’s efforts to silence an investigation into his association with admitted terrorist William Ayers.  Needless to say the establishment media is going to ignore it.  It’s also completely consistent with the left’s thuggish hypocrisy.

Updated: Here's a related tale of the intimidation.

Lacking Healthcare in Canada

National Post recently reported that over 12% of Canadians don’t have access to a family doctor.  How can this be in a country with wonderful, universal socialized medicine for all?  Because Canadian healthcare is so bad that fewer and fewer people want to practice medicine there.  Plus according to National Review many of the physicians [...]

Hasta La Vista Tax?

The left is providing us with further evidence that they have become completely divorced from reality.  The great thinkers in California want to tax some people when they move out of the state.  If it happens, I have two predictions.  First, it will bring in less extortion money tax revenue than anticipated.  Second, the threshold [...]

Another Law Abiding Gun Owner

There was a self-defense shooting recently in PA.

A regrettable Similarity

I…er…uh…well okay, I see his point.  If this was for Sen. McCain's speech, do you think the media would mention this a few dozen times an hour?

Did Obama Whiff on Biden?

If Sen. Obama was trying to appeal to blue collar voters in chosing Joe Biden as his running mate I believe he struck out. While Sen. Biden sounds like a blue collar guy, on policy he’s anything but. Apparently National Journal rated him the 3rd most liberal Senator (Sen. Obama was number 1). Third most [...]

Sen. Biden on Guns

“Banning guns is an idea whose time has come.”
Sen. Joe Biden
November 18, 1993

A Modern Militia Takes Shape

A neighborhood decides to take charge.  I say good for them.

The Saddleback Forum

In the recent candidate forum hosted by Rev. Rick Warren, Sens. McCain and Obama were both asked about America's greatest moral failure.  Sen. Obama's answer was particularly enlightening and gives another indication that he is on the All Leftwing Squad.  He said:

"I think America's greatest moral failure in my lifetime has been that we still [...]

Sen. Obama Picks Sen. Biden

I think this clip says it all. In choosing Sen. Biden as his running mate, Sen. Obama has demonstrated to gun rights supporters what his policies will really be.

Mary McFate and Manipulative Anti Civil Rights Crusaders

Anti civil rights activist Bryan Miller of CeasefireNJ complains that the NRA is a shill for the gun industry and that the activists in his camp are "not a secretive lot."

Thirdpower begs to differ and ticks off a list of cases where the antis were anything but above board.

Worldview Weirdness

A letter in today's Inquirer provided a sample of a strange strain of the left wing worldview that I've just never understood.  The letter writer was responding to a commentary about the Angry White Man piece.

From the letter:
"Can anyone really believe that the world is made up of people who deserve what they have - [...]

Self Defense at Home, No Thanks to the Antis

An 85 year old woman defended herself with a gun in her home recently.  This is exactly the type of thing that groups like the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) fought against in the Heller case.  Fortunately for potential crime victims like her, they lost.

Anti-Civil Rights Group Loses, Declares Victory

The Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) weird way of twisting things.  Dick Heller (of victorious Heller case fame) was finally successful in legally registering his gun with the Washington, D.C. government.  The organization formerly known as Handgun Control, Inc., of course, opposed the Heller decision and would have preferred that he not have been [...]

Gotham Goes Authoritarian

Holy civil liberties, Batman!  NYPD is planning to photograph and track every single vehicle that enters New York City.  They plan to purge the data for nonsuspicious vehicles after 30 days, as if that makes it any better. 

Quoth NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, "We don't think people should have cause for concern."  No, nothing to be [...]

No Safe Places

Here is a tragic story about a concealed carry permit holder who wasn't carrying when it counted most.  Hat tip to Newbie Shooter.