Worldview Weirdness

A letter in today's Inquirer provided a sample of a strange strain of the left wing worldview that I've just never understood.  The letter writer was responding to a commentary about the Angry White Man piece.

From the letter:
"Can anyone really believe that the world is made up of people who deserve what they have - and the rest, who are sitting on their butts waiting for a handout?….Surely Hubbell [the Angry White Man author] must see that his own ability to work and to provide a nurturing environment for his children depends on a chain of lucky accidents, including the family he was born into, others who helped him along the way, the schools he went to, the doctors and dentists who took care of him, the teachers who encouraged him, and the neighborhoods he lived in."

The underlying assumption is that none of us deserve what we've gotten.  We may think we've earned it by hard work and education but not really.  We were just lucky to been born to parents who taught us these things.  But not only that without the lucky help of our….dentist (huh?!) we still never would have made it.

Actually, most of the things the letter's author lists aren't even accidents anyway.  Doctors?  Schools?  Neighborhoods?  These are chosen (often with a great deal of research) by our parents.

As for the accident of our parents.  Well, it is fortunate that we specifically were born to culturally middle class parents.  But it is not an accident that our culturally middle class parents came from culturally middle parents and instilled in us a culturally middle class mindset.

And it is that culturally middle class American worldview that's really the heart of the matter.  Instead of teaching the poor to demand more from the rest of us, why not emphasize teaching them the real secret of our success - the culturally middle class American outlook.  (The American Manifesto is very much related to that culturally middle class American outlook actually.  If you haven't read it, please do.)

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