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A Lesson for the Mayor

A columnist responds to Mayor Nutter’s (predictable) call for more gun control following Officer McDonald’s recent murder.
Here’s a quick lesson in the law. If you’re a convicted felon, as Giddings was (and a very dangerous one at that), you can never legally buy a gun again. Never. That means that the weapon he used to [...]

Another Video of Dems in Denial

…and Republicans predicting potential catastrophe caused by a Fannie/Freddie failure.  I’m not saying Republicans are blameless but in this case they were way better than the Dems.  Where’s the media?

Letter to the Editor

I sent this to the Philadelphia Inquirer today.
The Inquirer took gratuitous and baseless cheap shot at President Bush in blaming him for the “economic mess - and likely recession”.  Here are a few facts the Inquirer has neglected to bring to its readers attention.
The Clinton administration great loosened the mortgage underwriting requirements and promoted “home [...]

Foxnews Report on Who Warned About Looming Problems

Here’s a Foxnews report detailing some of the history of the financial mess.  Key items:
1. The Bush administration started warning about Fannie and Freddie in 2001 and proposed detailed reforms in 2003.  The Democrats, particularly Barney Frank, blocked them.
2. In 2005 Alan Greenspan warned of the potential wide spread economic disaster without reforms and John McCain cosponsored [...]

Video on the Cause of the Financial Mess

Here is an interesting video detailing the causes of the financial mess.  Since the media isn’t willing to do it’s job, someone else had to do it for them.  Hat tip to Newbie Shooter.
A couple details I was unaware of:
1. The law firm Obama worked for sued banks if they were not making a sufficient number [...]

Politically Correct Olympic Toilets

The planners of the London Olympic games are taking measures to ensure that users of toilets in the Olympic park aren’t oriented towards Mecca while using the facilities.  While they’re at it they should get specially designed toilets with a map of Europe in the bottom for users to aim at.  That seems appropriate.

Clean Bill of Health for Fannie and Freddie

Here is the March 2008 press release for Q4 2007 results from OFHEO annoucing that Fannie and Freddie are just peachy.  That’s the same OFHEO that Barney Frank blocked reforms of in 2003, saying Fannie and Freddie “are not facing any kind of financial crisis.”  Job well done Barney.  Keep up the good work.

Obama Campaign Thuggery

Sebastian and Bitter obtained a copy of a letter sent by the Obama campaign trying to get radio stations to pull an NRA ad on the grounds that they contain false statements.  First of all the statements are correct.
Second, the letter contains a not too subtle threat:
Failure to prevent the airing of “false and misleading advertising” [...]

A Recent Conversation

I was recently chatting with an uncle about his choice of a particular firearm.  The following is close to verbatim:
Uncle: You should check out [brand x].  I like mine.  When I was trying to decide which to get I asked our minister and that’s what he recommended.
Mr. Manifesto: Wait…you asked your minister for a recommendation [...]

Yup, He Had a History

As predicted, Philly’s latest cop killer has a criminal history.  Sebastian has it here.

That’s Leadership?

In declining to join Sen. McCain’s in temporarily suspending his campaign to work in the Senate toward a fix for the financial mess, Sen. Obama said something like this:
If you need me, just call.
(I’m paraphrasing since I heard it on the radio and the media is ignoring it). 
Seriously?  The nation is facing a huge financial mess [...]

What Happens?

What happens when you call 911 and help doesn’t arrive?  You probably end up dead, of course.
That’s why you need to be prepared to defend yourself.  When seconds count the police are only minutes away.

One of Philly’s Finest Murdered

Philadelphia had a police officer shot and killed today.  The murderer was also shot and killed by police.
I feel confident in making several predictions.
*The murderer will already have a lengthy criminal record
*The murderer will have owned and possessed the gun illegally.
*The media will ignore the facts and take the opportunity to demand more gun control.

NYT 1999 vs NYT 2008

Back in 1999 the New York Times actually predicted the current financial mess.  They correctly identified at the time a big problem waiting to happen (lowered standards for mortgages courtesy of the Clinton administration and Fannie Mae).  The NYT 2008, of course, blames deregulation and the Bush administration.
From 1999:
Fannie Mae, the nation’s biggest underwriter of [...]

Where Did All the Analysts Go?

The Wall Street Journal reminded us recently that Elliot Spitzer, then Attorney General of New York, sued and regulated them nearly out of existence on Wall Street. You know about analysts right? Those are the guys who used to evaluate companies, industries and deals to assess potential returns and risk. It turns out that there [...]

Slow Response on Florida’s New Gun Law

I was reading a wrap-up article on Florida’s “Take Your Gun to Work” law over the weekend.  Here’s an NRA press release from after it was upheld by a federal court.  I didn’t comment on it at the time but after mulling it over I have a brief comment.  There was some division among gunnies, [...]

Added to the Body Count

Added the bombing at the Islamabad Marriott. Body Count: 40.

Letter to the Editor

I sent this to the Philadelphia Inquirer today in response to a nasty screed by the Froma Harrop.  The 200 word limit for letters can be very tough at times.
To the editor,
Froma Harrop’s recent attempt to smear John McCain by way of his former advisor Phil Gramm was bizarre and misleading.  While it may be [...]

Economists for McCain

The name pretty much says it all.

Good Quote

You’re not going to help wage earners by attacking wage payers.