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The Real Danger of Obama

Many people have an instinctive reaction about Obama that makes them think there is something worrisome about his worldview.  Understandably, in the age of terrorism, they look to his thin resume on national security issues and his habit of cavorting with anti-American leftists, and focus on that as the source of their anxiety.  While that [...]

Mountain Lion Killed After Menacing Hiker

It wasn’t in a National Park but it easily could have been.  Just a few months back the left was ridiculing the idea that people should be allowed to carry guns in National Parks because they are perfectly safe.  Uh huh.

Thwarting the Will of the People

The Philadelphia Inquirer complained today about how the electoral college allowed Pres. Bush to get elected without winning the majority of the popular vote.  “Against our will” was the phrase the editorial used.
Is this a new found respect for the will of the people?  Does this mean the Inquirer will be objecting when the courts [...]

Obama Dangerous on Iran

As if we needed further proof that Obama’s foreign policy instincts are wrong, we have this.  An Iranian general admitted Iran is arming militant groups around the middle east.  That would be the same Iran that Obama dismissed as a little nation rather than a serious threat.

Letter to the Editor

Sent today in response to the previously mentioned letters.
To the editor,
Two recent letters to the editor cannot go without responses.  One (10/25/2008) complained that a previous commentary had “presuppose[d] a ‘right’ to possess obscene concentrations of wealth.”  Well, yes, in the U.S. we assume a right to keep most of the wealth we create.  The [...]

Currents in Left-wing Thought Part II

The other letter was in response an endorsement of Obama by a Republican columnist. 
This is an open apology to Michael Smerconish. In my faulted view, you were a right-wing zealot and undeserving of the public “power of the pen” you enjoy. Nonetheless, your article last Sunday, “McCain fails the big five tests,” stunned me and [...]

Currents in Left-wing Thought Part I

There were two letters to the editor in the Philadelphia Inquirer recently that I thought summed up very well the state of the art of left wing derangement.
The first letter, responding to a commentary on Obama’s wealth redistribution plans, complained that it
presupposes a “right” to possess obscene concentrations of wealth.
“Presupposes a right” to keep the [...]

Gun Control is Dangerous to Women

I have always wondered why feminists support gun control.  Guns, after all, are the ultimate tool of the weak against the strong.  I was reminded of this when I recently came across some international crime data. 
Since their gun bans were enacted, the UK and Australia have seen an enormous jump in rapes.  Rape in the [...]

An Oil Price Told-You-So

I know it isn’t nice to gloat but I really think a loud “I told you so” is in order to all those people, including “industry experts”, who were predicting $10 per gallon gasoline.  Crude oil closed at just over $64 per barrel today.  That’s down roughly 55% percent from its high in July of [...]

A Dullard?

A coworker was recently ranting about how Pres. Bush is dumb as a rock. Funny, it turns out he is quite intelligent. His SAT score was 1206 and his IQ is somewhere in the mid 120s.  That’s not too shabby.
W’s college grades were released a long time ago.  Has there been any sighting of Obama’s [...]

A parable of “Spreading the Wealth”

The Breda tells a tale of what spreading the wealth means.

Barney Frank on Taxes

There’s plenty of rich people that we can tax.
Unfortunately, you’re rich.

Socialist Policies = Socialism

The left has taken great offense with the idea that Obama’s tax plan is socialism.  Well, let’s review.  Obama recently said he wanted to “spread the wealth around”.  Does that not sound a lot like “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”?
Whether or not the left wants to hear it, [...]

It aint over ’til it’s over

I must respectfully disagree with my host.  All I hear is dejection and doom and gloom on the right.  The polls are tightening.  Given all that has gone on in the economy….Obama should be up by 15-20 points.  This should be a landslide!  Things aren’t polling that way.  If this was in the bag, would [...]

Letter to the Editor

I sent this letter to the editor in response to another letter in the Philadelphia Inquirer:
A recent letter to the editor (”Poverty is a human-rights issue” 10/17) stated “[poverty] is a deprivation of rights, including health care, education and shelter.”
What a disturbing abuse of the concept of rights!  Rights represent a freedom to act or a [...]

The Real World vs The Left’s World

A left leaning colleague of mine recently said he hated “the macho crap” that’s been coming out of the White House for the last eight years.  This is a fine example of something I’ve noted previously: that many people who think they are urbane and sophisticated show themselves to be, in fact, naively parochial.
Let’s review, [...]

The Brady Assault on Reality

Sebastian recently pointed us to a new document from the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) about Assault Weapons.  I decided to take a look at it and quickly realized just how full of holes it was.  In just the first few pages, I documented the following.
Page 1
These guns unleash extraordinary firepower. When San Jose, [...]

Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate

Even many who say Krugman deserves the prize are agreeing that the timing of the award seems political.  But the debate over whether he really deserved to begin with rages on.
Some comments from online forums:
Put Simply, Krugman no longer believes in any of his theories.  Let me tell you, it is fun teaching International Trade [...]

Take Down that Barbed Wire….

It might hurt the criminals.  Seriously.   Hat tip to Arts & Ammo.


I was reminded recently of the U.N.’s efforts to violate our gun rights.  From a U.N. report on small arms:
The principle of self-defense has an important place in international human rights law, but does not provide an independent, supervening right to small arms possession, nor does it ameliorate the duty of States to use due [...]