Currents in Left-wing Thought Part I

There were two letters to the editor in the Philadelphia Inquirer recently that I thought summed up very well the state of the art of left wing derangement.

The first letter, responding to a commentary on Obama’s wealth redistribution plans, complained that it

presupposes a “right” to possess obscene concentrations of wealth.

“Presupposes a right” to keep the money you earn?  Why, yes, I suppose it did.  And if that right can’t be assumed in America then democracy and freedom are themselves in grave danger because they are inseparable.  One simple lesson from history is that he who controls the purse strings has the real power.  Don’t be fooled by the alleged good intentions of the left - they are seeking power at your expense.

Besides the argument, such as Obama’s response to Joe the Plumber,  that they just want to help those behind us is nonsense.  Taking from the wealthy (i.e. punishing success) does not enhance the opportunities of the poor.  Teaching the poor the attitudes necessary for success helps the poor.  Giving the cash for being poor simply reinforces the habits that made them poor in the first place.

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