Letter to the Editor

Sent today in response to the previously mentioned letters.

To the editor,

Two recent letters to the editor cannot go without responses.  One (10/25/2008) complained that a previous commentary had “presuppose[d] a ‘right’ to possess obscene concentrations of wealth.”  Well, yes, in the U.S. we assume a right to keep most of the wealth we create.  The burden is squarely on the government to justify why it wants to take more from all of us.  This is one of the founding assumptions of our government. 

The other letter (10/26/2008) writer said that he had reconsidered his view that Michael Smerconish was “undeserving of the public ‘power of the pen’” in light of Smerconish’s endorsement of Obama.  Undeserving of the right to public free speech until you conform to the left’s view?  What a frightening sentiment.

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