Leftwing Hate

From the letters in Sunday’s Inquirer:

So, after working hard to build a base of angry, intolerant listeners, Michael Smerconish is shocked - shocked! - that they react with hostility to his thoughtful and nuanced endorsement of Barack Obama. Gee, who’d've thunk it?

I’ve mentioned Smerconish previously.  It could not be more wrong to say he built up a base of angry, intolerant listeners.  This person clearly has never listened to the guy’s show and is engaging in bigoted stereotypes.

To this person and people of his ilk, that someone does not kowtow to the left is sufficient evidence that they are some combination evil, intolerant, uneducated and stupid.  Their evidence, of course, is that only someone who is evil, intolerant, uneducated and stupid could possibly be a conservative.  Isn’t that self-evident?

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