Words to Fear

Alexander Aleinikoff, Dean of Georgetown School of Law:

Development and strengthening of other political institutions – regional, transnational, some global…exercising what will be perceived as legitimate legal and coercive authority…That is, a decline in citizenship in the nation-state is likely to be accompanied by new kinds of citizenships associated with ‘polities’ that tax and spend, organize armies and police, establish police, and promulgate what are perceived to be binding norms.

Robert Kagan:

People should not oppose but welcome a world of pooled and diminished national sovereignty.

Yes, folks, that creepy feeling you get, that makes you think our elites are so assured of their own sophistication that they’ve lost all sense of right and wrong, is valid.  They have convinced themselves that the world would best be served not by democratic, sovereign nations but by transnational uber structures. 

Conveniently enough, they happen to know just the right people to take the burden of self-governance away from the people.  Let’s be honest.  This is entirely self-serving on their part.  Whatever institutions are created will be dominated by the elites.  It will be a group of entities where the same set of people shuffle between important positions and governments for decades, enriching themselves and their friends along the way and ensuring the commoners are allowed token votes that can be overruled if the elites dislike the outcome.  That’s what the EU has become.  That’s where our sophisticated betters want to take us.  I fear Obama may toss them the keys to the family car.

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