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Homicides Down in Philadelphia

When Michael Nutter hired a new police commissioner he promised a new approach to fighting the city’s high murder rate.  Well, the homicide rate was down by 15% in 2008 (without new gun control laws I would add).  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your anti-crime plan doesn’t consist of whining about how you [...]

Leftwing Letters Pt 1

There was a letterin today’s Inqy that was sadly indicative of the current intellectual malaise on the left.  The author said that in inviting Warren to give the invocation, Obama gives
“an endorsement of his [Warren's] views and gives Warren’s antigay attitudes credence.”
The fact that Rick Warren is controversial is itself an example of the problems [...]

Unusual Pairing

I did two things today that I doubt are often done by one person on the same day.
1. Went shooting at a rifle range
2. Read Dante’s Divine Comedy
What could be more American - free mind and free fire?  I loved every minute of it.


I just read a fine novel and, while I don’t typically review books on this blog, it is a great fit.  The book is Apacheria by William Altimari (full disclosure: he is a family friend).  But rather than discuss the characters and plot, which are engaging and brisk paced respectively, I’m going to focus on some [...]

Australia Plans Censorship on a Massive Scale

Now this is something to be very concerned about.  It seems that Australia is planning to put pretty much all internet access behind a countrywide firewall so the government can block access to “harmful” sites.  The plan is to prevent access to sites with child pornography or excessive violence.  Naturally they are not releasing the list [...]


NPR did a story recently on vigilantism in Guatemala.  It focused on a single town where  multiple gangs essentially ruled the town and the police did nothing to stop it.  The locals organized and fought back, making use of extrajudicial justice that included beatings and some deaths.  The town is now safe and other towns [...]

Merry Christmas

It’s worth reminding everyone that there is a reason for today’s holiday.  In fact, note the derivation of the word “holiday”, as in “Holy Day”.  It has nothing to do with pretty lights and bland, generic wintry symbols.  It isn’t the Holiday Holiday, as in “Happy Holidays”.  Huh?  Happy what?
Do you, like most people, like [...]

Letter to the Editor

I had a letter to the editor published in today’s Inquirer.  I responded to a letter arguing fallaciously that second amendment rights are limited to militia service.  Here’s my letter:
A letter yesterday, “Guns and militias,” claimed Second Amendment rights are limited to militia service. The author would benefit from reading the majority opinion of the [...]

More on the Shoe Throwing Defenders

The self-proclaimed tolerant, rational and sophisticated on the left keep offering justifications for the attempted assault on our president by an Iraqi journalist.  Are we to understand that it is acceptable to assault someone if we are passionate in our belief that their policies are bad? 
I keep seeing the assertion that “it will take decades [...]

So Proud Pt. 2

Mrs. Manifesto has returned from the gun range.  She had a good enough time that after her lesson was over she bought more rounds and another target and kept shooting.  Best of all she said she’d go shooting with me some time.  Mrs. Manifesto rocks!

So Proud

Mr. Manifesto is currently looking after Baby Manifesto.  Mrs. Manifesto is at an introductory class in pistol safety and marksmanship being taught by an NRA certified instructor.  This is her first experience with firearms.  Very exciting.  Could there be dates at the gun range some day?  How great would that be!

Fiscal Stimulus

The National Bureau of Economic Research, which is not a government agency but does have a relationship with the federal government, has analyzed three possible governmental responses to a recession:

deficit spending
deficit financed tax cuts
increased spending financed with increased taxes

The results? 
We find that deficit-financed tax cuts work best among these three scenarios to improve GDP
Translation: Obama’s [...]

Projectile Lefties

After mulling over the recent incident in Iraq where a “journalist” hurled his shoes at Pres. Bush, I have a couple things to say.  First, as has been noted in places other than the leftwing media, it is an implicit recognition that the Bush administration’s policies have actually been quite succesful in the end.  If [...]

Outdated Krugman

While writing ostensibly about Germany’s economic problems, Paul Krugman makes what is clearly intended as a dig at American conservative politicians.
conservative politicians, clinging to an out-of-date ideology — and, perhaps, betting (wrongly) that their constituents are relatively well positioned to ride out the storm — are standing in the way of action
“Clinging to an out-of-date [...]

UN Human Rights Fluff

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, wrote a fluff piece today about the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  It could be summed up as: there are still a lot of human rights violations out there and, yea for me, I care.
She’s a committed [...]

Palin’s Church Torched

Someone tried to burn down Sarah Palin’s church in Wasilla.  Will this be investigated as a hate crime?  Of course not.  Conservative Christian victims?  That’s not hate that’s justified.

Other Things for NJ to Ban

After thinking about the Inquirer’s desire to ban .50 cal rifles in NJ because it is a “densely populated and industry-rich state” and might be vulnerable to terrorists or accidents, I have a few suggestions for other things that could be banned as well.

Vehicles above larger than a minivan because they could be packed with [...]

Body Count

Updated the Body Count: 29 people killed by car bomb in Peshawar on 12/6.

Inquirer Opposes Freedom - Again

The Philadelphia Inquirer continued its assault on freedom today.  It (unsurprisingly) editorialized in favor of NJ’s proposed ban on .50 Cal rifles.
They repeatedly mention the possibility of terrorism as a rationale for banning them.  So, the same editorial board that criticized the Bush administration for fear mongering about terrorism is now fear mongering about terrorism.  [...]

Army Navy Game

Navy’s annual humiliation of Army has been completed.  Navy 34, Army 0, for the 7th consecutive Navy win.  Pathetic.  Never send an officer to do a man’s job.