Projectile Lefties

After mulling over the recent incident in Iraq where a “journalist” hurled his shoes at Pres. Bush, I have a couple things to say.  First, as has been noted in places other than the leftwing media, it is an implicit recognition that the Bush administration’s policies have actually been quite succesful in the end.  If the “journalist” had done that in Saddam’s Iraq he and his family probably would be have been tortured and executed shortly thereafter.  Obviously the “journalist” agrees that his life is absolutely not in danger or he likely would not have done it. 

Second, what is it with the left and throwing things?  They always like to claim they are the rational group and yet they seem to have a striking tendency to, well, strike out at people they don’t like.  In no particular order of fame or sympathy, here are some examples of the victims of Projectile Leftism.

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  1. “Who throws a shoe? I mean honestly? That really hurt!”

  2. [...] tolerant, rational and sophisticated on the left keep offering justifications for the attempted assault on our president by an Iraqi journalist.  Are we to understand that it is acceptable to assault [...]

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