More on the Shoe Throwing Defenders

The self-proclaimed tolerant, rational and sophisticated on the left keep offering justifications for the attempted assault on our president by an Iraqi journalist.  Are we to understand that it is acceptable to assault someone if we are passionate in our belief that their policies are bad? 

I keep seeing the assertion that “it will take decades to undo the damage caused by the president”.  Really?  So the ante bellum middle east was a wonderfully pro-American region?  There was no Al Qaeda? No Hezbollah or Hamas?  There were no mullahs spewing anti-American hatred?  There were no leftist academics trying to excuse away terrorism and tyrannies as understandable given our support for Israel?

While there are many reasons we support Israel, one of the biggest is that it is a democracy surrounded entirely by dictatorships.  President Bush’s policies have resulted in an Arab democracy being born.  If Iraqi democracy succeeds, it will put tremendous pressure on its tyrannical neighbors to reform and become more democratic.  This, in turn, will take the pressure off of Israel and allow us to be more even handed in our diplomacy.

While not guaranteed, it is only possible with a successful Arab democracy in place.  why is that not worth supporting?

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