NPR did a story recently on vigilantism in Guatemala.  It focused on a single town where  multiple gangs essentially ruled the town and the police did nothing to stop it.  The locals organized and fought back, making use of extrajudicial justice that included beatings and some deaths.  The town is now safe and other towns are following their lead.  Predictably, human rights activists are in a tizzy over the vigilantism.

I say good for the vigilantes!  While I don’t support vigilante killings (particularly the grizzly method in question - gasoline and a match) I absolutely do support vigilantism in the broader sense.  In fact, I think it is a good thing.  It gives people a sense of ownership in their town, a sense of control over their lives and can solve problems that the judicial system and police can’t or won’t.

If the local population knows who the criminals are and the police and judiciary have proven ineffective in stopping them, then it seems to me that citizens have every right to fight back.  Grab the thugs, give them a sound beating and repeat as needed until they get the message. 

I realize that in the leftwing world view the criminals are really victims, but in the real world the rest of us recognize them for the predators they are.  If a series of beatings by an angry mod fixes the problem, why would that be a bad thing?

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