Leftwing Letters Pt 1

There was a letterin today’s Inqy that was sadly indicative of the current intellectual malaise on the left.  The author said that in inviting Warren to give the invocation, Obama gives

“an endorsement of his [Warren's] views and gives Warren’s antigay attitudes credence.”

The fact that Rick Warren is controversial is itself an example of the problems on the left.  He is by all accounts everything a Christian should be.  He is kind, generous, thoughtful and in many ways the antithesis of the controversial leaders of the Christian right (Falwell, Robertson, etc.).  I’d say Warren has pushed Evangelicals in a softer, kinder direction.  Despite the fact that Warren has always been well liked in the gay community, has promoted tolerance and has donated and raised millions of dollars for AIDS research and treating African AIDS victims that he spoke out against gay marriage has turned him into a target for the radical left.

So despite everything that Warren has done he’s now “antigay” because he opposes gay marriage?  Let’s be clear.  Warren articulated a coherent and thoughtful position.  He wasn’t out there attacking gays or inciting hatred towards them.  What did he get for his troubles?  Attacks and hatred rather than a reasoned response.

The left’s fascist tendencies show themselves.

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