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Such Ethics

The Obama presidency is not off to a great start for ethics and honesty.

Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, only paid the back taxes he owed for years after he was nominated. 
Tom Daschle, HHS nominee, also owed back taxes.  He’s expected to be confirmed.
There’s the “we won’t torture detainees” executive order with the fine print that basically [...]

One Benefit to being Pro-Gun in an Anti-Gun State

It’s standing room only at my local range/gun shop.  They frequently have an hour’s wait to get a lane.
So says Newbie Shooter.  I don’t seem to have that problem in NJ.

A Little Freedom Regained

It turns out that being poor doesn’t mean you have to give up your constitutional rights.  San Francisco, leftwing paradise, has magnanimously decided to bring its policies back in line with the constitution.  That’s big of them. 
Good job NRA.

They Had a What?

It seems the Obamas are bringing their private chef to the White House.  That’s right, private chef.  So, we’re getting lectured at about social justice and economic fairness by someone with a private chef?  Could you be a more stereotypical disconnected-from-real-America elitist progressive?  It’s no wonder Ted Kennedy likes Obama.
Do you think Sarah Palin ever [...]


Sarah Palin has a PAC now.  As S. Weasel puts it:
“Whether she’ll really run in 2012, I don’t know, but I think it would be swell if Sarah’s new PAC grievously out raised McCain’s new PAC.  Don’t you?”
Why, yes.  Yes, I do.  Get to it, boys and girls.

My, How Stimulating

There’s a fine essay by Alan Reynolds on the National Review site about all the Keynesian nonsense that’s passing for sophisticated discussion these days.  He provides many examples of the current Keynesians contradicting their own statements and research.  He also picks apart several of the underlying pieces of Keynesian fiscal policy.
The bottom line is that [...]

Losing the Little Freedoms

Philip Howard has written the best commentary I have read in a long time.  It isn’t about economics, the second amendment or foreign affairs and it’s only partially about politics.  I think he absolutely nailed the biggest problem in our culture over the last several decades: the loss of freedom in the the little decisions [...]

They Don’t Get It

Here is a great example of the arrogance of the left.

It was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer and found online here.
For one thing, they don’t get the idea that we don’t torture.  For all the bluster we hear from them the fact is that what we’re debating is the grey area below torture.  The left, [...]

Obama Misleads, Media Helps

I missed an interesting detail in the previous discussion of the Left’s version of the Geneva Convention.  Pres. Obama’s executive order on interrogations contains a big loophole.  It creates a task force whose purpose is:
to study and evaluate whether the interrogation practices and techniques in Army Field Manual 2 22.3, when employed by departments or [...]

$1 Trillion Poorly Spent

The media and the politicians are telling us that everyone knows we need to spend $1 trillion dollars as stimulus to the economy.  Our uninquisitive media never seems to ask for proof and never seeks out other opinions.  Such bravery on the part of the media, our watchdogs of democracy!
Maybe someone can explain to me [...]

Charged with Insulting Islam

Geert Wilders, the Dutch member of Parliament, who made waves with his move “Fitna” is apparently going to be put on trialin the Netherlands for insulting Islam with his movie.  So Wilders gets charged with insulting Islam in the very country where Theo van Goghwas butchered in the name of Islam.  Is that irony or [...]

The Left’s Version of the Geneva Convention

With Obama in office and the executive orders on Gitmo and terrorist interrogations out, we are hearing a more about Geneva Convention Common Article 3.  So I thought I’d take a look for myself.  I must say, it’s a rather unrewarding read.
Article 3 - defines acts that are cannot be done to noncombatants in “armed [...]

Don’t Mess With Science?

I keep hearing lefties make jabs at former Pres. Bush by saying the new administration would not interfere with science and would make environmental policy decisions based on science rather than politics.  There are a several points to be made here.
First, is that science itself is amoral.  That’s not pejorative.  It is simply the fact [...]

Historical Poppycock

Many of our sophisticated betters on the left have been informing us in no uncertain terms that George W. Bush will go down in history as one of the worst presidents ever.  On that point, I am calling “bullshit”!
It is no more possible to make that judgment about Pres. Bush now than it would have [...]

A Bad Relationship

A thought for you:  America’s relationship with the left is like a guy’s relationship with a high maintenance girlfriend.  She loves him just the way he is except for trying to change him in ways that make him unrecognizable to all his old friends.

The Green Revolution….Literally

So Carol Browner, former EPA Administrator for Pres. Clinton and incoming Envro-Czar for (almost) Pres. Obama, turns out to literally be a socialist.  No kidding.  Do you think this has been covered by the media other than Foxnews?  Uh….no. 
Maybe tossing around the phrase green revolution isn’t such a great idea.

Take the Bull by the Horns

Looking back on the soon-to-end Bush presidency, I think the single biggest mistake the president made was one of strategy rather than policy.  He correctly recognized that the media was biased and would not give him fair treatment.  It was a big strategic error, however, to not engage them at all. 
It is a given that [...]

Torturing the Facts

The left is once again peddling the nonsense about torturing of terrorist detainees. 
Let’s get a few things straight.

As has been repeatedly stated (and ignored by the left) U.S. policy does not allow torture.
We have the most professional, ethical and restrained military literally in the history of the world.  That’s not an exaggeration.
The left and the [...]

Pax Democratica?

A coworker of mine recently made a remark along the lines of “people who like world peace are looking forward to having a Democrat in the White House.”  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and review the wonderful peace previous Democrats have produced for us.

Pres. Clinton: World Trade Center attack (1996), Khobar Towers bombing, [...]

Support Gun Rights Because of Solar Storms?

Seems like an odd idea, doesn’t it?  Yet, I couldn’t help but draw that conclusion after reading this article.  Basically the National Academy of the Sciences released a study that says a strong solar storm would inflict significant, if not catastrophic, damage on our power grid and communications systems.  It wasn’t entirely clear from the [...]