Think First, Then Write

I sent this to the Inquirer in response to this editorial.  It doesn’t seem like they are going to publish it, so…

The recent editorial (1/6/2009) supporting New Jersey’s push to enact one gun per month legislation complained that State Senator Stephen Sweeney “seems to be quoting from the NRA’s bullet points”. 

That is a rather amusing accusation considering the editorial’s unattributed use of state rankings from the Brady Campaign.  The editorial says “New Jersey officials long ago put in place the nation’s second-toughest firearms restrictions”.  Wouldn’t you know it?  The Brady Campaign ranks New Jersey second. 

Did the editorial board do any research or are they just copying the Brady Campaign’s talking points?

I love it.  They’re so busy enjoying their dig against Stephen Sweeney that the missed the fact that they are doing exactly what they accused him of doing.  Nice.

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