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Spin, Spin, Spin

One of the patterns we are seeing out of the Obama administration is a tendency to spin a policy one way while the actual policy contradicts the headlines.  The we-won’t-torture except-when-we-feel-it executive order being a good example.
Now the headlines trumpet that Obama is going to withdraw from Iraq.  But if you read the details a [...]

Senate Thumbs its Nose at Constitution

The Senate voted today to give Washington, DC at vote in the House.  To balance the presumed Democratic vote, Utah is also given another representative.  The House is expected to pass it as well.
This is spectacularly unconstitutional.  Remember the constitution?   The one we don’t use much anymore?  Let’s see what it says.
Article I, Section 2, [...]

Not A Surprise

Breda posted the results of her political test.  I thought it would be fun to take the test too.  The none-too-surprising result: I’m a libertarian.

You are a
Social Liberal
(70% permissive)and an…
Economic Conservative
(88% permissive)You are best described as a:Libertarian



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Just Plain Wrong

Obama was wrong on many things in tonight’s speech but there was one whopper that stood head and shoulders above the rest.  He said:
I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it.
The trouble is we didn’t invent it.  I assume he is referring to Henry Ford.  But Henry Ford was simply [...]

Quick Impressions on Obama’s Speach

Naive on foreign policy
Wrong on economics
Wrong on history
Wrong on fiscal policy
No doubt the media and other lefties will love it.

Brother, Can You Spare $55,556?

In my ongoing attempt to seriously depress every person out there who loves freedom and prosperity, here is the updated tab for all of your money the government is pissing away.  The CBO has estimated that the real cost of the stimulus plan is closer to $3.2 trillion. 
That’s because nobody believes that the money that’s [...]

Hillary’s Surprise?

Some people seem surprised at Hillary Clinton’s remark that human rights would not interfere with other issues in U.S.-China relations.  I’m afraid I fail to see why they are surprised.  This is classic “Realist” thinking, which the left has signed on to over the last half decade.
If they have been making “Realist” arguments about Iraq, [...]

Disagreement vs Intolerance

Disagreement is rational and can be engaged with dialog and debate.  Intolerance is not rational and tends to shut down debate.  Unfortunately the left all too often seeks to counter disagreement with intolerance. 
The patter is clear:
Make coherent arguments against gay marriage, get labelled antigay.
Make coherent arguments on racial issues, get labelled a racist.
Make coherent arguments [...]

Updated Body Count

Updated Body Count: Aasiya Hassan beheaded by husband in Orchard Park, NY.

A Challenge to Civilization

Bret Stephens poses an excellent challenge to the left in today’s Wall Street Journal.  If Andres Serrano should be defended for Piss Christ and Salman Rushie should be defended for Satanic Verses then why shouldn’t Geert Wilders be defended for Fitna?  Stephens correctly recognizes this for the civilizational challenge that it is.
Instead of benefitting from [...]

A Simple Proposal on Government

After watching Harry Reid and his band of Merry Dems push through the 1,000 page, $800 Billion stimulus bill within 24 hours of its finalization I have a simple proposal: 
Require that no legislation be brought to a floor vote until the final bill has been read by at least one member from each committee that [...]

Another Philly Cop Murdered

Yet another Philly cop was shot and killed on Friday night.  We’ll soon be treated to more calls for gun control by people who want more government control of pretty much everything.  They’ll try to argue that if we just restrict the rights of legal owners, then fewer guns will flow through the black market [...]

Break Out Your Checkbook

The tab we’re running up for all this government intervention is adding up.  What a surprise. 

There’s $800 Billion for TARP (to the everlasting shame of former Pres. Bush). 
There’s Spendulus Stimulus Plan will probably be in the $900 Billion range. 
There’s the new plan from our tax-cheating Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, who pledged “$1 trillion [...]

Debating Antis

There has been a fair amount of discussion in the blogosphere about debating anti-gunners lately. Newbie Shooter has chimed in with some suggestions to make it a little more fair for the antis (a noble gesture). No doubt they will ignore him since their position isn’t based on rational analysis but emotion and power.
I actually [...]

Could We Stimulate Congress’s IQ?

The stimulus bill is taking a justifiable beating in the polls.  It has become a pork-laden parody of leftwing social engineering.  The economic theory it relies on is, of course, nonsense.  The Wall Street Journal summed up the fallacy perfectly:
The person who is taxed…[to pay for each dollar of the stimulus] will have $1 less [...]

Qui Bono?

The Wall Street Journal had an editorial that nailed the real scandal involving Tom Daschle.  It isn’t that he didn’t pay his taxes.  It’s the power grab engineered by big government types that made his small fortune possible.  It isn’t a sleazy exception that happened despite the left’s view of government power.  It is a [...]

Thou Shalt Not

Thou shalt not question the scientists.  The scientists assured us we are the cause of global warming would be receiving 1 to 3 inches of snow.  Their computer models are very accurate.  They can say with certainty what the climate weather will be like in 100 years 12 hours.  Anyone who believes global warming is [...]