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Experts and Heretics

There were two pieces in the NY Times recently on completely unrelated topics that I think have a surprising connection.  The first was by Nicholas Kristof and could have been titled “The Tyranny of Experts”.  The key take-aways are that in general experts are not more successful in predicting outcomes than non-experts and the experts [...]

“Unacceptable” Free Speech

This gem was tucked away deep within the bowels of the Inquirer today.  To summarize, the U.N. Human Rights Council has passed a resolution calling for countries around the world to prohibit criticism of religion, particularly Islam.  This is a direct, frontal assault on human rights, modernity and western civilization.  When will our so-called great thinkers and [...]


A quasi governmental group called the Missouri Information Analysis Center has published a list of warning signs that someone may be part of a militia.
Here are some highlights:
People who supported former third-party presidential candidates like Texas Rep. Ron Paul…[and] Bob Barr.
Would this be an inopportune moment to admit I was a Paulestinian who eventually voted Libertarian?
Other potential [...]

Another Failed Restraining Order

We often here anti-gun activists argue that should depend on the police to keep us safe.  They also say if we have a specific security concern we should get a restraining order. 
So how, then, do they respond to incidents like this?  A woman was murdered by her estranged husband despite the fact that she had [...]

Now That’s Arrogant

I had National People’s Radio on in the car (CO2 emitting SUV, actually) and my jaw dropped when I heard Dianne Feinstein say this in defense of earmarks (audio).
Candidly, why be an appropriator if you can’t help your state.
If that doesn’t condense so much of what just about everyone, regardless of party affiliation, despises about Washington [...]

Defend That, Lefties

I will never understand the left’s belief that the UN is this hallowed place, gifted with special legitimacy in the world.  It doesn’t represent the people of the word in any way.  It represents the governments of the world, regardless of how repressive and repulsive they are. 
I’d like to hear the UN lovers comment on [...]

A Pro Gun Comedian

And he is damn funny too.  Hat tip to Breda.

UPDATE: Check out his other videos on You Tube.  He is unbelievably funny.

Howard Nemerov’s Brillant Observation

Howard Nemerov recently made devastating use of the UN’s own gun data against the UN’s antigun arguments.  He broke countries into quartiles based on firearms ownership per capita.  He then compared per capita firearms ownership to their homicide rate. 
The results are best demonstrated in a table and it wouldn’t be right for me to lift [...]

Nice Quote

Conceal carry holders are basically state certified good guys.
Tom Gresham on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk