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Nice Historical Trivia

In addition to being a Civil War general, a U.S. president and someone in my family tree, Ulysses Grant was apparently a president of the National Rifle Association.  I knew I liked him.

Naive, Dumb or Ideologically Anti-American?

I try to limit my criticisms of the left to the issues.  I don’t like to make personal attacks on them, even though they do not return the courtesy (who knew, for example, that Pat Toomey and John Boehner are troglodytes).  Despite my general rule there are times when I have to wonder about the [...]

La Pierre vs Rendell

Wayne LaPierre and Ed Rendell locked horns this weekend over reinstating the assault weapons ban.  Rendell is a good debater but this one was no contest - LaPierre won easily.  The facts are not with Fast Eddie on this one.
One thing that stuck out was the issue of “high capacity” magazines.  LaPierre pointed out that [...]

Data on Mass Shootings

Here’s a great overview from Dave Hardy of key data that’s been assembled on post-Columbine mass shootings.

incidents last about 8 minutes
the murderer deliberately targets and ambushes defenseless victims
the murderer has no interest in hostages or negotiations
the murderer “typically fold[s] quickly upon armed confrontation”

All of these underscore the fact that people who are armed and able to defend [...]

EU’s Invasion of Privacy

The EU is beginning to log essentially all electronic communications, including all email, web traffic and VOIP phone calls.  I see nothing in the article that discusses safeguards for the information.
Hundreds of public bodies and quangos, including local councils, will also be able to access the data to investigate flytipping and other less serious crimes.
I’d [...]

Good Quote

A depression is just a recession that the government tried to fix.
Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform

This is Sharia Law

This is what multiculturalist asshats like Rowan Williams what to make cultural room for.  That would be a young woman being held down and flogged in the streets of Pakistan in case you don’t have the stomach to watch. 
And this and this and this are also Sharia, in case anyone thinks it can’t happen here.

Nice Point on the Estate Tax

Spend it in vegas or die paying taxes…[The estate tax gives us] a 0% tax on carousing, but 55% on thrift.
That’s Arthur Laffer in today’s Wall Street Journal.  Well put.

Taliban Says U.S. Offer “Lunatic”

Obama is trying to offer “honorable reconciliation” to the Taliban.  The Taliban think that’s a pretty goofy idea.  I hate to say it but I agree with the Taliban.  The problem is that our current president, and too many of his fellow travelers on the left, simply misunderstand the world.
They seem to think we have [...]