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“If you were to ask a believer in multiculturalism for the tangible…benefits brought [by large numbers of immigrants], not as individuals but as bearers of…culture, he would almost certainly be reduced to silence; for the truth is that believers in multiculturalism are not really very interested in other cultures (for such interest is very hard [...]

Just Let the Oldsters Die

In today’s Wall Street Journal is a devastating piece on the deadly ideas pushed by Obama’s healthcare advisor, Dr. Zeke Emanuel (Rahm Emanuel’s brother).  Zeke is not a fan of the idea that physicians should do everything they can for their patients.  He argues that society’s needs have to be factored in.  In practical terms [...]

A Sick Joke II

Right of the heals of a previous post about disturbing priorities at the Justice Department, we get the shocking (NOT) news that Bill Richardson will not be indicted after a year long investigation of pay to play allegations.  The money quote:
“It’s over. There’s nothing. It was killed in Washington”
Justice well-served yet again.   How long until [...]

A Fine Point

One of the most dangerous delusions of the Left is the idea that we might be able to create a civilization that has no enemies. Civilization always has its enemies.  -Unknown Author
The left just never seems to grasp the idea that we have enemies not because of George Bush or because of alleged past wrongs [...]

Ted Kennedy’s Death

I decline to celebrate the life of a man who wanted to give away my hard earned money and take away my freedom.

A Sick Joke

How else can you describe it when Obama’s Attorney General is more interested in prosecuting CIA operatives for saying mean things to terrorists than in following through on an already-won voter intimidation conviction of several club-wielding Black Panthers?
PowerLineBlog, by the way, walks through the CIA report in detail.  Blowing cigar smoke in a killer’s face!?  [...]

Letter to the Editor

I submitted the following letter to the editor, which appears not to be under consideration (maybe I shouldn’t have taunted them for being in bankruptcy…nah).  It is in response to this editorial.
The Inquirer recently editorialized that a public healthcare option would be able to charge lower premiums because it would not be “profit-driven”.  Setting aside the [...]

Push for Democracy in Cuba? Not this President

Apparently, the U.S. interest section in Havana installed a news ticker on the outside of the building a few years ago.  It would display pro-democracy news, inspirational items and (no doubt) irritate the Marxists.  Well, apparently Obama feels that quoting the likes of Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and Lech Walesa is just too pushy.  [...]

Why Can’t the Media Get it Right?

As if the media’s integrity wasn’t already in tatters, they continue to repeat the official line from the left that the public option is not a Trojan horse that would lead to nationalized healthcare.  Why is it that users of YouTube can find a growing list of leftwing politicians, academics and activists who say that’s [...]

Fudged Statistics

Tucked into an excellent piece by Deroy Murdock demonstrating the horrors of government run medicine in Canada and the UK, is a great example of how statistics can be fudged.
“Seriously ill patients are being kept in ambulances outside hospitals for hours so NHS trusts do not miss Government targets,” Daniel Martin wrote last year in [...]

Meaningful Words

For many you Europeans, Western civilization comprises little more than pop music, soccer, a sexual free-for-all, social security programs and five-week holidays in exotic places: not a strong position from which to face either the economic or the ideological challenges of the day.
Theodore Dalrymple

The Peasants Are Revolting

In reading about the increasingly angry town hall meetings that politicians are facing courtesy of the Obama agenda, I am reminded of an old B.C. cartoon where the king’s advisor says “Sire, the peasants are revolting.”  The kings responds “They certainly are”.
Well, the peasants are starting to revolt and I’m sure there’s many leftwing politicians [...]

Added to the Body Count

Christians in Pakistan burned alive by a mob.

Don’t Take My Word For It

The left has tried to dismiss the idea that healthcare reform that includes a public option would lead to a national, single payer plan.  Yet when they are talking amongst themselves, they often say that’s exactly what will happen.  Here is Barney “Fannie Mae” Frank as the latest example.

Something Not Often Seen in NJ

I returned to my car which was parked in a restaurant’s parking lot, and discovered the car next to me also had an NRA Life Member sticker on it.  Two people willing to admit they are NRA Life Members at the same time in the same place in NJ?  I’m surprised there isn’t a state [...]