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Thought Crime Legislation

Pres. Obama has signed into law the Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes Act.  This is a big step in a very dangerous direction.  The left apparently believes that prosecuting ideas is a good idea.  If someone is murdered it is a crime regardless of who they are or why it happened.  Are they somehow more dead [...]

Where’s the Outrage?

Gore Vidal recently declared killing former Pres. Bush was one murder he regrets not committing.  See for yourself it starts about minute 1:50.

Where is the outrage from the media?  They were just recently warning us of the scary menace of evil, violent conservatives wanting to kill Pres. Obama.  I guess I’m going to be waiting [...]

Ask Not For Whom The Nobel Tolls

Today’s WSJ correctly identified the motivations behind Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.  Yes, there’s an element of hope, change, peace and all that unattainable nonsense.  The real story is an end to American Exceptionalism.
What ideals are those [promoted by Obama]? Well, the Nobel citation declares that Mr. Obama’s “diplomacy is founded in the concept that those [...]

Too Little Education Funding?

This is one of those pieces that just leaves me so cynical about the left and the media.  Paul Krugman writes that we are shortchanging education in the US.  He offers no actual evidence, of course.
Education, as one of the largest components of public spending, has inevitably suffered.
Oh, really? Take a look at this. We’ve [...]

Corporatism at Work

Alex Tabarrok, in discussing business cycles, made an interesting observation.  He wrote:
In the United States, for example, sales of the top 100 firms account for about 30% of GDP.  (The share is even larger in most other developed economies.)
What caught my eye was that the 100 largest corporations represent a higher percent of the economy [...]

A Rattling Thought

The WSJ had a piece recently that took about 24 hours for me to digest and understand the full significance of.  Mary O’Grady wrote about the creeping anti-semitism in South American courtesy of our pal Hugo Chavez.  I don’t want to downplay that aspect of it but it’s the broader picture that hit me in [...]