Too Little Education Funding?

This is one of those pieces that just leaves me so cynical about the left and the media.  Paul Krugman writes that we are shortchanging education in the US.  He offers no actual evidence, of course.

Education, as one of the largest components of public spending, has inevitably suffered.

Oh, really? Take a look at this. We’ve seen a huge rise in education spending and seen nothing in return.  He offers no data to support his assertion while others have produced plenty of data indicating the opposite.  At a minimum this is an example of sloppy writing and loose editorial standards.

It is an utterly baseless myth that we’re short changing education in America.  We, in fact, spend vast sums of money on it.  Are there serious problems with public education?  Absolutely.  When we spend our instructional time focusing on multiculturalism and self-esteem, the results are not going to be very impressive.

That’s before you get into the issue of whether government schools should even exist.  Why not, for example, collect school taxes as we do now, have the local school district announce the budgeted per student spending for the year and let parents simply tell the district (which would be much, much smaller) what private school to send their allotment to?  It’s simple, efficient and gives parents more control over their children’s education.

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