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Happy Thanksgiving

In keeping with tradition, a few things for which I am thankful…
*The beautiful and charming Mrs. Manifesto, always my supporter and friend
*That amazing, wobbly, bundle of joy and enthusiasm, Baby Manifesto
*Our loving and merciful God
*A gradual return to good health
*The rekindling of our nations’ resolve despite, even because of, the trying times we face

Islam…Just Like Other Religions

One of the Inqy’s resident apologists for all things inexcusable published a post-Fort Hood column attempting to portray a softer side of Islam.  In it, the God of Islam is described as one of love and peace, no different from our God.
That’s right, Islam, which translates as “submission”, is just like other religions.  The news [...]

Of Spies, Statesmen and (Incompetent) Sleuths

Wire magazine posted a brief piece to their website about a recent court ruling involving Valerie Plame.  Naturally the reporter summarized who she is and why we should know her.  Unfortunately he got it (predictably) wrong.
The piece says her identity was compromised when
Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby, leaked to syndicated [...]

Fathers Gain Respect

I read a NY Times article titled Fathers Gain Respect From Experts (And Mothers).  The basic idea is that research is making two things clear:
1. Fathers matter
2. When parents have good relationships, children benefit
I was preparing to make some derisive comments about how many PhDs it takes to figure out something this blindingly obvious when something jumped [...]