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Complaints About Alito’s Grimmace

There have been two types of complaints (examples) about Justice Alito’s reaction to Obama’s criticism during the State of the Union address that the Citizens United decision overturned a century of law and couple open elections to involvement by foreign entities. 
The first objection is on substance.  Some people agree with Obama’s assertion and feel Alito has [...]

Bust a Rap with Keynes and Hayek

There is just nothing I can say to prepare you for this.  Enjoy.

Media Partisanship

The Inquirer, like most lefty newspapers, usually makes at least a feeble attempt to make its partisanship seem non-partisan.  Today, however, they didn’t cover their tracks very well.  They ran a front page story about how former Philadelphia Eagle Jon Runyan receives a tax break (an agricultural exemption) on part of his 20 acre property.
Several [...]

Don’t Let the Door Hit You, Mr. President

Scott Brown has scored a stunning upset victory in the Massachusetts senate race. We’ve all seen the elements of the shock factor: Massachusetts until now had an all Democrat congressional delegation, the Senate seat had been held by Ted Kennedy, John Kennedy or a hired temp since the 1950s, Scott Brown was down in the [...]

Progressivism and Freedom

I have seen repeatedly in the healthcare debate an argument from the left along the lines of “someone who is sick and uninsured isn’t really free”.  I always thought that was a bizarre assertion.  Well I recently read an article on the Progressive giant, John Dewey and that very formulation played a big role in [...]

The Inaugural Preening Twit Awards

I have grown increasingly impatient with the sloppiness, self-importance, condescension and intolerance that has come to characterize the left.  Two recent letters in the Inquirer were so grating that I have decided to inaugurate an award for those who exemplify the most obnoxious affectations of the left.  It will be given out whenever I choose [...]

Volume vs Logic On Gay Marriage

It seems to me that one of the big mistakes that supporters of gay marriage make is that they begin with the assumption that gay marriage and traditional marriage are equivalent and interchangeable.  In other words, they simply begin with a civil rights argument without ever establishing its applicability.  And I actually agree, if gay [...]


Mrs. Manifesto and I had the opportunity to see Invictus over the weekend.  I was not entirely sure what to expect but I have to say this is a great movie.  I’m not interested in doing a movie review but I wanted to briefly note that there is a very conservative theme to it.
The movie’s [...]