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More Progressivism

Borepatch has a nice post on progressivism (hat tip to Newbie Shooter).  Here’s my current summary of progressive agenda:
1. Guarantee an expansive and virtually unfettered right of individuals to pursue all the meaningless distractions that modern life has to offer.
2. Restrict and regulate the areas of life that actually have real significance (freedom of expression, [...]

The Church of Progressivism

I recently came across an interesting comment in an examination of the influence of Voodoo on Haiti’s culture.
Part of the allure of idol worship is if you just perform the right ceremonies you can behave as poorly as you want without consequence.
Do you notice the interesting parallel with Progressivism?  If a Progressive makes the right [...]

Neanderthals on Campus

Free speech?  Not with knuckle-draggers on campus and the Israeli Ambassador speaking.  The left tells us all cultures have equal value.  Hmmm….really? 
Give the faculty member who speaks up credit.  He doesn’t hold back.  Hat tip to Power Line.

Public vs Private

A simple observation to mark the occasion of Snowpocalypse II: I received a delivery today from UPS but not the Postal Service.  Both are unionized but only one has the ethos of a for-profit company.


Coming on the heels of multiple huge snow storms, with another whopper on the way (to say nothing of the ClimateGate scandal, a now steady stream of revelations of errors in the IPCC plus potential ethical and legal problems among climate priests), the geniuses in the Obama (mis)administration are proposing to create a Climate Change [...]

When Government Wins, People Lose

New Jersey is a shining example of this.  And there is finally some recognition of the fact that NJ is losing many of its wealthiest residents for blindingly obvious reasons: the taxes are too high and the business climate too hostile. 
The left, of course, continues to be in denial about a basic fact of the [...]

Whither Global Warming?

If anyone finds some of that elusive global warming could you let me know where it is?  As we receive our second 2-feet-or-so snowfall in about a month and a half I could really go for some AGW.