Public vs Private

A simple observation to mark the occasion of Snowpocalypse II: I received a delivery today from UPS but not the Postal Service.  Both are unionized but only one has the ethos of a for-profit company.

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  1. Amazingly, we found that they had actually delivered mail yesterday during the storm. We managed to get a copy of Zombieland from Netflix - a total surprise given the “long wait” status. However, we didn’t get to watch it since we had no power. We’ll try today, provided it stays on.

    I haven’t gone to see if they’ve been here today. I wouldn’t completely blame either company for not delivering today for anything on a secondary street. The plow got stuck on our road around 5:15am. Though it’s been “cleared,” it’s really a sheet of ice and not very clear.

  2. The plow got stuck? That’s ugly.

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