Imposing Morality

I was recently debating a colleague on a variety of political topics.  He kept repeating an often-heard lefty refrain, “Republicans want to impose their morality on people”.   This is a common talking point and, and best, incomplete.

Setting aside the somewhat esoteric issue of whether all laws are a reflection of morality, is it really conservatives who are trying to impose their own moral code?  Look at highlights of the left’s agenda: gay marriage, environmental controls, high taxes, business regulations, banning or restricting personal choices (smoking, transfat and even salt).  The left’s agenda is offensive (as in opposite of defensive).  They want to remake America into something new.

What about the conservative agenda?  Frankly, a lot of it is defensive.  It’s about preserving and restoring the characteristics that have made the U.S. exceptional.  Are there times when conservatives try to impose morality?  Sure, but generally it’s limited to trying to undo damage created by the left.

So….sorry, who is it that’s imposing their morals on America?

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