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Pay Taxes, Get Screwed

I received a letter from a private real estate appraisal company which was apparently hired by NJ to perform tax assessments in our township.  The letter says the company will be measuring and photographing our houses, and that they will be “conducting an interior inspection”.  It further states “it will be necessary…to examine the interior [...]

Dictator Love

Woody Allen provides us with yet another example of what the left is really about (power and control).  Woody says Obama should “be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”
That’s surprisingly similar to Thomas Friedman’s dreamy column about the awesomeness of one party rule in China. [...]

Second Amendment Blog Bash

I recently returned from the annual Second Amendment Blog Bash at the NRA Annual Meeting.    It was really quite spectacular.  Special thanks goes to Bitter who put together a great set of events.  She also arranged for the bloggers to have media credentials which was a really great bonus.
Thanks also to my hosts Mr., [...]

Letter Published

I had a letter published in today’s Inquirer.  Amusingly, Mother Manifesto read the letter in the paper and said “yeah!  right on!” before she noticed it was from her son.
It’s amazing how the people who claim to hear the echo of Jim Crow in the tea parties fail to hear the rumble of Marxism on [...]

Tea Parties Invade Greece!

With all the demonstrations and political violence in Greece, I’m thinking the Tea Parties must have relocated.  The left, after all, is by definition calm, rational and non-violent and by default political violence only occurs on the right.  Got that?

No-Bid Contracts: Then and Now

Just a few short years ago we were told that no-bid contracts going to KBR were proof of corruption and cronyism in the White House.  What a difference a couple years makes!  I guess the current administration must used some of that magic transparency dust it has to make this crony-free.
That or there’s a double [...]