We Need Big Government?

Donna Brazile has a thoroughly inane piece over at CNN where she says the BP oil spill fiasco proves we need big government.

Of course, she never actually says what authority or resource the government lacked that would either have prevented the mile-deep blown well or allowed it to react better.  Is it her contention that the oil industry is lightly regulated?  She certainly doesn’t mention that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has been asking, begging, pleading for authorization from the Feds that would allow his state to create sand barriers to prevent oil from destroying the coast.

She says:

What the right fails to acknowledge is that big business, by its nature, is a bully.

Well, no, not really.  Business, by its nature, is competitive and pursues what is in its best interest but that’s not bullying.  Fundamentally being a bully in a competitive market is likely to be bad for business.  When you boil it down, business is a popularity contest.  To survive, you must be popular in your pricing, quality or some other measurement that matters to customers.

Is that true of government?  Nope.  Pretty much all laws and regulations (to say nothing of taxes) are coercive.  Note I did not say they were illegitimate.  But just try to violate some petty laws and you will get a reminder of government’s coercive power.

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  1. Yep…government at the point of a gun…

  2. And yet if you state the obvious like this, you are scary and radical.

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