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Media Collusion Confirmed

Did you ever get the feeling the legacy media coordinates the coverage (and non-coverage)?  Did you ever sense they weren’t very neutral but were actively taking sides?  Did you ever feel like they were making things up that were patently untrue?  Or that they were attacking certain people for having politically incorrect views?
Well, you were [...]

Tea Drinking Nazis?

The Inquirer had a piece today that was a pretty obvious attempt to paint the Tea Parties as being similar to neo-nazis:  The Tea Partiers are against illegal immigration.  There is a neo-nazi group patrolling the border region (like the Minutemen).  So, the Tea Partiers must actually be nazis or at least nazi sympathizers.  The [...]

Baseball Without Steinbrenner

George Steinbrenner died today of a heart attack.  It’s difficult to envision baseball without Steinbrenner.  But I guess it would be something like:

Soccer without the diving prima donnas or
The Tour de France without the drug addicts or
The NBA without the thugs or
The NFL without a Brett Favre soap opera or
The Olympics without a judging scandal

It’s [...]


I had a letter to the editor published in the Inquirer in response to their anti-McDonald editorial.  It’s not the most exciting piece of writing but it works.