Tea Drinking Nazis?

The Inquirer had a piece today that was a pretty obvious attempt to paint the Tea Parties as being similar to neo-nazis:  The Tea Partiers are against illegal immigration.  There is a neo-nazi group patrolling the border region (like the Minutemen).  So, the Tea Partiers must actually be nazis or at least nazi sympathizers.  The article left out the Tea Party angle but, come on, we’re not that stupid.

Just like with the NAACP’s the “Tea Parties are racist” nonsense, there’s no evidence required.  The progressives know what’s in your heart.  ”Evidence?  We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence, ” seems to be their attitude.

Anyway, the neo-nazi group wasn’t named in the article but is apparently somehow associated with the National Socialist Movement.  I was a bit curious about it so I looked them up.  Conveniently their website has something called the “25 Points of American National Socialism” that details their core platform.

Now, let me make a simple point that the left doesn’t want to admit: hate is not a unique phenomenon of the right.  Animosity towards “the other” is as far as I can tell a universal human trait.  We are, after all, a tribal species.  It’s my nation versus your nation, your religion versus my religion, your politics versus my politics, my city versus your suburbs, my neighborhood versus your neighborhood, my gang versus your gang.

Why do I mention this?  Because being a hate group (which they certainly are) is not sufficient to make them right wing.  Animosity towards others exists just as much on the left as the right.

So, take a closer look at the NSM’s 25 Points and scratch off the “hate” items since they are not indicative of a right or left leaning group.  What are you left with?  Things like these:

  • Opposition to free trade, the WTO and the IMF
  • Opposition to NATO
  • A demand that “that the State shall make it its primary duty to provide a livelihood for its citizens”
  • A demand to ban the charging of interest
  • A demand to nationalize all corporations
  • A demand for profit sharing by corporations
  • A demand for a living wage
  • A demand that the “treasonable system of health care be completely revolutionized.”  [Dod says: that's not Obamacare they're referring to]
  • A demand to communalize big department stores [Dod says: I wonder how many NSM members shop at WalMart]

The list goes on.

How, exactly, are these guys right wing?  If you follow the evidence and not the rote responses, they aren’t, of course.  It’s totally dishonest to pretend otherwise.  The neo-nazis, just like the original nazis, are in fact, left-wingers and socialists.  They belong in the Democratic Party more than the Tea Parties.

What’s the likelihood of that story accidentally leaking out?

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