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Rough Edges of Freedom

I can across this in the explanatory comments of the Second Restatement of Torts Law.  Restatements are documents produced by the American Legal Institute to describe the current state of laws in certain areas.  This comment is in an area on the subject of outrageous conduct relating to the intentional infliction of emotional distress.
The rough [...]

About that Ground Zero Mosque…

You know.  The one Obama likes so much.
Would it be okay for the Sons of Confederate America to build a facility next to where Martin Luther King was assassinated?
Would it be okay for the Mormons to build a church near where Matthew Shepherd was murdered?
Would it be okay for the Klan to sponsor the upkeep [...]

A Quick Note

I have been quite bad about posting lately.  This is because I am preparing for a rather significant undertaking.
On Monday I begin law school.  I suspect my posting will be sporadic as a result however I will certainly try to do so whenever I can.

Unpublished Letter

I submitted this letter to the editor a couple weeks ago.  It was not published and unfortunately I did not save a link for the original letter.
A letter in today’s paper derided Sen. Sessions’ description of Elena Kagan as a “dangerous progressive”, saying progressivism is by definition forward-moving.  I disagree.  There is little forward-thinking about [...]