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California Leaving

I just want to take a moment to poke my head up from the law books to make a prediction of sorts: if Jerry Brown beats Meg Whitman for governor of California, what’s left of California’s economy is toast.  Jerry Brown represents everything that’s wrong with California’s economy: massive debt, overspending, crushing tax burden and [...]

Not Dangerous Art vs. Dangerous Art

So, it seems there’s an artist who as a very political piece that involves Jesus having sex.  A lot of people are understandably offended.  It’s worth noting, however, that they are expressing their annoyance without riots, deaths and violence throughout Christendom.  The artist has not gone into hiding.  He is not under 24 armed guard. [...]

Lefties Being Lefties

I’m always amused when the left falsely accuses conservatives of engaging in the very behavior that the left actually indulges in.  A nice example was in today’s (still bankrupt) Inquirer.
At the lefty wanna-be-Glenn-Beck rally, one Peggy Brown gave us this piece of analysis:
“Fox News, that’s about as bad as you can get” and…conservative personalities Beck, [...]

Violent Leftwing Fantasy

There’s a video that has to be seen to believed.  It’s posted on National Review at the moment.  I think it’s supposed to be a humorous (maybe) attempt by some left wing environmentalists to get people to commit to reducing their carbon footprint.  It involves, though, killing people who don’t sign on (including school kids). [...]

Benefits of Marriage

Here’s a great piece on the benefits of marriage even compared to unmarried, cohabiting couples:

higher incomes
higher net worth
greater health

There’s an interesting point that I hadn’t considered before.
Marriage knits the couple into a kinship network in which interest-free loans, babysitting, elder care, and other forms of assistance in hard times are more readily available.
Even in a [...]