Benefits of Marriage

Here’s a great piece on the benefits of marriage even compared to unmarried, cohabiting couples:

  • higher incomes
  • higher net worth
  • greater health

There’s an interesting point that I hadn’t considered before.

Marriage knits the couple into a kinship network in which interest-free loans, babysitting, elder care, and other forms of assistance in hard times are more readily available.

Even in a bad economy there is a simple 3 step way to avoid poverty.

  1. Finish school
  2. Then get married
  3. Then have kids

This is the traditional American model and it is the greatest anti-poverty program there is.  If you follow this path in sequence your chances of being poor are in the single digits.  The left’s efforts to undermine this are yet another reason they are so destructive.

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  1. Great post…I’d only add that your chances of *remaining* poor is in the single digits. Poverty is a temporary condition. Having rough times is not the same thing as generational poverty. The former can happen to anyone, and is a transitional thing. The latter is not a scarlet letter. It is a direct result of choices we make…including some of the ones that you highlight.

  2. Good point. Thomas Sowell has written on that a number of times. He puts it very nicely I think, “today’s poor are tomorrow’s wealthy.”

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