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The Epistemic Closure Yawn

Jonathan Chait, referencing a Washington Post article, is accusing conservatives of epistemic closure in their treatment of Obama’s comments on American Exceptionalism.  Please.
First of all, the description of of American Exceptionalism as “the idea that the United States is inherently superior to the world’s other nations” is wrong.  It would better be described as “the [...]

Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address

I just read Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address for the first time.  Despite having studied history, I had never actually read it.  I think I have a good idea why it was omitted from the curriculum: it’s totally inconvenient to the left’s world view.  Lincoln lays out an ingenious case for why the Founders are not, [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

I really can’t improve on my thanksgiving note from a couple years ago.
But I would like to take a moment to make a special note of thanks to Mrs. Manifesto.  With my return to school, it’s been a challenge to juggle everything and keep sane.  Mrs. Manifesto has been a rock star.  I couldn’t do [...]

Foreign Policy Weakness

The left likes to indulge in the idea that is follows a principled foreign policy, as opposed to those horrible, belligerent conservatives.  Among the multitude of problems for the left is that in the real world, their stance is not perceived as principle but as weakness.  Weakness in the face of an aggressive and hostile [...]

Virtual Marriage

A gay Texas couple recently held an e-wedding using Washington, D.C. law.  Now who ever would have seen that coming?

The New TSA Policies

Other bloggers have handled the TSA’s new screening procedures well.  There is only one thing to add from my perspective.  Cartman.

Obama-Holder Axis of Fail!

Well wouldn’t you know it.  The first civilian trial a Gitmo detainee ended disastrously for the Justice Department.  Ahmed Ghailani was acquitted on 280 or so counts.  The only conviction was on a conspiracy charge.
So despite all the promises from Obama, Holder and the left that there would be no problem with civilian trials, there [...]

No More Happy Meals

It’s amazing to me that Progressives Regressives still pass themselves off has being pro-freedom.  As far as I can tell their ideology is about control and little else at this point.  Case in point: San Francisco just banned the Happy Meal.
Can you really claim to be interested in liberty while banning Happy Meals?  Maybe they’ll [...]

A Case Study in Leftwing Thought

Oklahoma voters approved an amendment to their constitution that bans the use of Sharia law (as well as international law) in its state courts.  A federal judge promptly put issued a temporary restraining order.  I find the left’s reaction to it informative.
Politico has a nice concentrated dose of leftwing thought by people who are supposed [...]

Paying a Price for a Lack of Class

One of the complaints about Obama from the earliest days of his administration was his utter lack of class.  I don’t think many people put it quite that way, but that’s how I’d describe it.  There are plenty of examples.  One was his comment to Republican congressmen along the lines of “elections have consequences and [...]


I just voted Hell No! and it feels great.