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Where The Population is Growing

The early census results are in and the winners of new seats in Congress are in the south and the west.  The losers are in the northeast and midwest.
Funny enough, the areas of the country that are growing in population are the areas that have dynamic economies and relatively conservative values.  Now who could have [...]

1.5 Million Reasons (and Counting) Why ObamaCare Sucks

As of December 3, HHS has issued waivers exempting employers, unions, etc. representing over 1.5 million people from ObamaCare.  ObamaCare is so great that many of the same unions who pushed for it have asked to be excused (static PDF in case the link changes) from it.
As a bonus, it seems that ObamaCare revoked a [...]

Speaking of Epistemic Closure

Following up on my previous note about the alleged epistemic closure on the right, I have a simple observation to make.  The left is currently angry at Obama.  They think he either lied to them or has been co-opted by Washington.  The reasons for their heartburn include:

Allowing a two year extension of the Bush tax [...]