The Left Proven Wrong - Again

Apparently, before he was sent to a watery grave, Osama bin Laden complained that Al Qaeda had an image problem: it didn’t appear religious enough.  So, Bin Laden proposed renaming Al Qaeda to “Restoration of the Caliphate Group.”

This is buried in the middle of an AP piece but it is, I think, quite significant.  The Left has been arguing for years that Bin Laden and company were fighting us because we support Israel and have troops in the Middle East.  The Multi Cultists on the Left have expressly denied that Al Qaeda specifically and Islamists in general want to destroy Western Civilization.  For reasons which elude me, the fact that these groups are very open about their goals doesn’t seem to be sufficient to convince the The Left that the Islamists want to destroy Western Civilization.

This is a useful reminder of how dangerously wrong the left really is.

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