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Question For Our Friends On the Left

If higher tax rates are the answer to our debt crisis, why is Europe in such serious trouble?

Gun-Owning Law Students

In one my classes today, our professor asked how many of us were gun owners.  I’ll spare you the details but it was a logical, if surprisingly blunt, question given the subject of the class that day.
4 out of 14 students answered yes.  Of the 4 gun owners, two were women.
If this is a representative [...]

The Importance of Growth

One thing that’s abundantly clear is that the left does not value economic growth.  The younger lefties, particularly, don’t seem to comprehend that their high standard of living today is the result of growth and can only be sustained with continued growth.  They fail to understand that many of the things they take for granted [...]

Why Money Is Speech

The subject of campaign finance restrictions came up in one of my classes recently.  Quite a few people, leftists of course, just couldn’t grasp why restricting campaign contributions is a restriction on speech.  I’d like to offer a set of questions to demonstrate why money is speech.  If your answer changes from yes to no [...]

Oh, The Irony

Jon Corzine, the leftwing former governor of New Jersey, whose high tax, big spending, overly regulatory policies helped drive the state towards bankruptcy, has now driven his investment firm into bankruptcy because he over-invested in the bonds of European countries that, as a result of following his preferred leftwing high tax, big spending, overly regulatory [...]