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Unsurprising Fact of the Day

80% of longterm poverty occurs in single parent households.
Jennifer Marshall of the Heritage Foundation

Bad and Badder

The opposite of Democrat is not Republican.  But opposing the Democrats often requires supporting the Republicans.
Yes, the Republicans suck but at least there’s a strong limited-government contingent. Even if it fails to live up to its own standards, the Republican party at least acknowledges that government should be limited in its scope.  And need I [...]

The HHS Rule Compromise

Obama has offered a “compromise” on the recent HHS decision to require church-affiliated institutions to include contraception.  The “compromise” is that the church-affiliated institutions won’t have to pay for the coverage.  The insurers will have to provide the coverage for free to the subscribers.
Normally, I’d say this “compromise” is pure politics.  Given the bipartisan attacks [...]

So Tolerant and Open-Minded

I had an exchange online with an old friend and a few people he knows.  I am posting the text of it, anonymized with a couple minor edits, because the debate and what happened after is such a great snapshot of the left.
Old Friend:
Westerners are not taught that the hoarding of wealth is an act [...]