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The Cruelty of Welfare

Progressives like to think they are kind and humane for wanting to expand the welfare state.  I say they are cruel.
Think about the working life of a typical person.  When a person first enters the workforce, his experience, skills and not surprisingly his earnings are the lowest they will ever be.  But over time, as [...]

Free Market Capitalism Works

It has long seemed to me that progressives acted like there was a fundamental law of nature that guaranteed economic growth.  They seemed to believe they could do virtually anything to the economy and our lives would still improve.
They are clearly mistaken but it isn’t always easy to come up with historical economic data since [...]

Double Range Day

The semester is finally over.  To celebrate, Mrs. Manifesto and I spent an awesome day together on Friday.  First we went to the driving range to practice our not-so-impressive golf skills.  Then we went to pistol range to put some lead down range.  As the saying goes, he who has a golf-playing, gun-shooting wife is [...]