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The Obama HealthCare Tax Will Raise Costs

As I previously mentioned, ObamaCare the Obama HealthCare Tax will prove to be temporary.  It is not fiscally sustainable.  When our inevitable fiscal crisis hits in full, ObamaCare the Obama HealthCare Tax will have to be gutted if it is still around.
The left can blather all it wants about how it’s going to save money, [...]

Refining My Comments on the New HealthCare Tax

The left managed to save the ObamaCare Obama HealthCare Tax.  But do they even realize what a price they paid to accomplish this?
There’s a new precedent for striking down statutes on federalism grounds.  There’s a new precedent expressly limiting the scope of the commerce power.  There’s a new precedent limiting the use of the necessary [...]

The Left’s Constitutional Loss

The left won on the policy issue.  ObamaCare still stands (but shall now be rebranded the Obama Healthcare Tax).  But I think the left won the battle but lost the war.
There were three arguments for the individual mandate:

commerce power
necessary and proper clause
taxing power

The first two are constitutional issues.  But, as argued, the third was not.
On [...]

ObamaCare Survives

The Supreme Court held that the individual mandate is valid as a tax.  But it also specifically held that the individual mandate would violate the commerce power.
Chin up, libertarians.  That’s a huge win.  Congress is going to be significantly boxed in.
As one of the live bloggers at SCOTUS Blog put it:
The rejection of the Commerce [...]