The Connecticut Shooting

Yesterday’s mass shooting at a Connecticut kindergarten hit awfully close to home. Mrs. Manifesto and I are beginning to look at kindergartens for Little Girl Manifesto. Plus we have friends in Connecticut, having gone to school in New York.

Already the predictable and vague calls for more gun control are beginning. Funny how few of these people are specific about what they want. I’m guessing a lot of these people want to ban guns but correctly realize (1) that’s not going to happen, (2) it makes them sound like crazy radicals, and (3) they realize the less-than-full-ban proposals they throw around would not have make a lick of difference in this case.

When dealing with one of these people instead of immediately responding with data or getting bogged down in the amoeba-like “guns are icky” argument, push them for more details. Respond with questions rather than counterarguments. Get them to admit they want a ban. Or get them to lay out some other policy idea. Then poke their specific assertions full of holes.

You’ll tie them into knots faster than you can say “NRA Life Member.”

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