DHS Active Shooter Video

DHS has published a video describing what people can do in an active shooter situation.  It deserves much ridicule, which it is already receiving.

I’d like to point out one detail that is particularly worthy of contempt.  If you are not able to escape or successfully hide, the narrator suggests you should consider using objects to defend yourself. As he says this, the video shows a person grabbing a large pair of scissors.


To use against a loon with a gun.

So, let me get this right.  The official position of the Department of Homeland Security is to encourage people to defend themselves with scissors against a guy shooting his way through their office.  Let me take a wild guess and speculate that DHS does not encourage private citizens to carry or use a gun to defend themselves.

Because, you know, someone might get hurt.  Just grab those scissors and wait for the professionals to show up.

Out of curiosity, do you think any of the grownups at Sandy Hook Elementary had access to scissors?

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