Since 1990 the economy has grown by 75% while overall government spending has increased 300%, with entitlement spending specifically growing at 500%.

Something that cannot continue won’t.  Wise up, lefties.

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  1. I laughed at an imagenid nexus between First Blood and Charlie Sheen being here to help. Just think of the Sheenius keeping his brand alive while riffing on Colonel Trautman’s offer to help bring Rambo in to the authorities.Trautman: It’s good to hear your voice Johnny, it’s been a long time. Look John, you’ve done some damage here, they don’t want anymore trouble. That’s why I’ve come. I want to come in there and fly you the hell out. Just you and me. We’ll work this thing out together. Is that fair enough?

  2. در 3:40 pmgilda میگوید:salam man 2sale ba yeki duatsm ghararemun ham ezdevajeama hala ke ishun sharayetesho dare mige ke mitarse ezdevaj koneaz masooliateshmitarseaz yetaraf kheili dusesh daram az ye taraf vaghan nemiudnam bayad chikar konam

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