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The Connecticut Shooting Sarcasm

A few random pieces of sarcasm in response to calls for gun control after yesterday’s murder spree:

Thank goodness no one at the school had a gun.  They might have hurt someone with it.
We wouldn’t want anyone there with a gun when the shooting starts.  It’s better to wait for the police to bring their guns.
The [...]

The Connecticut Shooting

Yesterday’s mass shooting at a Connecticut kindergarten hit awfully close to home. Mrs. Manifesto and I are beginning to look at kindergartens for Little Girl Manifesto. Plus we have friends in Connecticut, having gone to school in New York.
Already the predictable and vague calls for more gun control are beginning. Funny [...]

Obama Wins, America Loses

So, Obama has been reelected.  It is going to be a tough few years.  Here is what to expect:

Slow economic growth
Sustained high unemployment
Reduced opportunities for the lower middle class
Reduced opportunities for the poor
Upper middle-class people who are go-getters will be okay but upper middle class people used to the idea of just being a “good [...]

As the Dems Convene…

The Democrats have kicked off their convention in the otherwise lovely city of Charlotte, NC to defend a failed presidency and try to convince people that more progressive policies are just what we need.
In related news:

The national debt has hit $16 trillion.
A federal judge has ordered tax payers to fund an inmate’s sex change operation.
A [...]

Leftist Suppresses Dissent

Not surprisingly in the wake of the Aurora movie theater shooting my lefty dominated Facebook wall had many calls for more gun control.  One friend posted a particularly bad poster that was filled with basic factual errors.
I posted a response gently correcting the record. Another lefty reacted to my comments with a borderline incoherent, utopian [...]

The Statutory Middle Class Tax Rate is Over 70%

There is an interesting post at Zero Hedge arguing that the statutory tax rate on the middle class in high tax states (read: blue states) is 75%.  This might be slightly high but I think it’s basically accurate.
Above a rather modest $34,600 in taxable income and up to around $106,000, the [statutory] middle class tax [...]

Refining My Comments on the New HealthCare Tax

The left managed to save the ObamaCare Obama HealthCare Tax.  But do they even realize what a price they paid to accomplish this?
There’s a new precedent for striking down statutes on federalism grounds.  There’s a new precedent expressly limiting the scope of the commerce power.  There’s a new precedent limiting the use of the necessary [...]

The Left’s Constitutional Loss

The left won on the policy issue.  ObamaCare still stands (but shall now be rebranded the Obama Healthcare Tax).  But I think the left won the battle but lost the war.
There were three arguments for the individual mandate:

commerce power
necessary and proper clause
taxing power

The first two are constitutional issues.  But, as argued, the third was not.
On [...]

ObamaCare Survives

The Supreme Court held that the individual mandate is valid as a tax.  But it also specifically held that the individual mandate would violate the commerce power.
Chin up, libertarians.  That’s a huge win.  Congress is going to be significantly boxed in.
As one of the live bloggers at SCOTUS Blog put it:
The rejection of the Commerce [...]

Lessons of the ObamaCare Debate

Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on ObamaCare, the debate has highlighted some of the worst characteristics of Progressives, particularly their arrogant, dismissive, and disrespectful attitudes.
For two years conservatives have been arguing that the individual mandate is unconstitutional.  And for two years the left has derided us as a bunch of lunatics.
Conservatives have been [...]

More Flexibility

Stimulus Bill
GM Bailout
Cash for Clunkers
Bows to foreign monarchs
Denigrates allies
Supports Iranian dictators over Iranian people
Contraception mandate
Scraps missile shield
Defense cuts
Supports violence-filled Occupy protests
Demands higher tax rates
Cancels oil leases
Cancels Keystone Pipeline
$5 trillion in new debt and rising

Obama: “After my election, I have more flexibility.”
Let’s hope he doesn’t get the opportunity.

Bad and Badder

The opposite of Democrat is not Republican.  But opposing the Democrats often requires supporting the Republicans.
Yes, the Republicans suck but at least there’s a strong limited-government contingent. Even if it fails to live up to its own standards, the Republican party at least acknowledges that government should be limited in its scope.  And need I [...]

Another Yummy Serving of Fail for the Gun Controllers

Homicide has dropped of the list of the top causes of death in the U.S. at the very time that gun ownership is expanding.  Want some antacid on the side, guys?

Gun-Owning Law Students

In one my classes today, our professor asked how many of us were gun owners.  I’ll spare you the details but it was a logical, if surprisingly blunt, question given the subject of the class that day.
4 out of 14 students answered yes.  Of the 4 gun owners, two were women.
If this is a representative [...]

Why Money Is Speech

The subject of campaign finance restrictions came up in one of my classes recently.  Quite a few people, leftists of course, just couldn’t grasp why restricting campaign contributions is a restriction on speech.  I’d like to offer a set of questions to demonstrate why money is speech.  If your answer changes from yes to no [...]

You Don’t Say…

“There’s this kind of stereotype or myth that the deep blue states are more economically restrictive but more personally free. But the data doesn’t actually bear that out . . . Liberals tend to want to constrain your freedom in all areas.” [Emphasis added.]
William Ruger, co-author of Freedom in the 50 States study, as quoted [...]

National Self-Defense vs. Personal Self-Defense

There has ben a lot of discussion by the academic left about whether the killing of Osama Bin Laden was justified.  The people questioning the OBL killing don’t seem to question that a nation has a right to defend itself from a direct attack, but are raising the question of whether that is applicable here.
I’m [...]

Federal Spending

In this joyous season of fights over cutting federal spending, I merely note the following.

U.S. Population: 307,000,000
Federal Spending: $3.55 trillion
Federal Spending per person: $11,564
Federal Spending for a family of four: $46,254
U.S. Median Household Income: $49,777

So, before factoring in state income taxes, local income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, etc., the federal government is [...]

A Case Study in Leftwing Thought

Oklahoma voters approved an amendment to their constitution that bans the use of Sharia law (as well as international law) in its state courts.  A federal judge promptly put issued a temporary restraining order.  I find the left’s reaction to it informative.
Politico has a nice concentrated dose of leftwing thought by people who are supposed [...]

Not Dangerous Art vs. Dangerous Art

So, it seems there’s an artist who as a very political piece that involves Jesus having sex.  A lot of people are understandably offended.  It’s worth noting, however, that they are expressing their annoyance without riots, deaths and violence throughout Christendom.  The artist has not gone into hiding.  He is not under 24 armed guard. [...]