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Since 1990 the economy has grown by 75% while overall government spending has increased 300%, with entitlement spending specifically growing at 500%.
Something that cannot continue won’t.  Wise up, lefties.

Regulating the Economy

Imagine the following:
Near your house are several businesses that you frequent.  Let’s say, a grocery store and a gas station.  What they sell are pretty essential; you can’t really do without them.  They are very conveniently located - it takes just a couple minutes to drive to each.
Now imagine that for some reason the roads [...]

The Intersection of Leftism and Reality

Let us chronicle the joy of discovery experienced by a couple lefty’s as they discover what they have been told to believe isn’t quite so true.
Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura are big believers in the Affordable Care Act…are proud to say they helped elect and re-elect President Barack Obama.
Yet, like many other Bay Area residents [...]

On Uncertainty

It amazes me that the question of whether “uncertainty” is a problem in the economy continues to be debated.  Predictably, the left generally denies its influence while the right generally understands it.
Clearly, uncertainty is a problem.  It is not rocket science.
Think of it like this.  You want to buy a house and you know how [...]

Pension and Entitlement Obligations: Will The Left Notice?

There are interesting rumblings in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer.  You might almost think the left was getting ready to admit there’s a problem….naaah.  That’s not going to happen.
States were $1.38 trillion short of having enough to pay their public-employee retirement bills in 2010, the last year for which totals are available for all 50 states, according [...]

Liars and Dupes

The left has been arguing for years that the Bush tax cuts went mostly to the wealthy and that the Obama deficits have been caused not by over-spending but by the Bush tax cuts. Those of us who pointed to the actual numbers indicating otherwise were (at best) ignored but usually attacked.
Well we have now [...]

Stupid Government Tricks

Apparently the Delaware taxpayers are getting hosed because of a deal the state signed with Fisker.  That would be the same Fisker the US taxpayers are getting hosed for.
This statement from the governor’s office really ticked me off:
“It has not worked out the way he had envisioned,” [Delaware Gov.] Markell spokeswoman Cathy Rossi acknowledged Monday [...]

Punching Back Twice as Hard

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit frequently calls on conservatives to “punch back twice as hard.”  He has also embraced the idea of raising certain taxes, specifically ones that will disproportionately hit blue states (such as reducing the deductibility of state income taxes).
Along those lines, I have taken a few of the features and taxes from Obamacare [...]

Tax The Rich!

The top 100 U.S. university endowments have a total value of $310 billion and the top 100 U.S. foundations have assets totaling $244 billion.  I am outraged that they exploit tax loopholes and pay no taxes.  It’s time for them to pay their fair share.  Fix the fiscal cliff - tax the rich!

Obama Wins, America Loses

So, Obama has been reelected.  It is going to be a tough few years.  Here is what to expect:

Slow economic growth
Sustained high unemployment
Reduced opportunities for the lower middle class
Reduced opportunities for the poor
Upper middle-class people who are go-getters will be okay but upper middle class people used to the idea of just being a “good [...]

As the Dems Convene…

The Democrats have kicked off their convention in the otherwise lovely city of Charlotte, NC to defend a failed presidency and try to convince people that more progressive policies are just what we need.
In related news:

The national debt has hit $16 trillion.
A federal judge has ordered tax payers to fund an inmate’s sex change operation.
A [...]

Why Cell Phone and Cable Plans Are Like ObamaCare

Think your cell phone bill is too expensive?  What about your cable bill?  Most people do.
That’s because if you are like most people you are paying for things you don’t want or need (an unusably large number of minutes for your phone or hundreds of channels you don’t watch).  It’s pretty intuitive that when you [...]

The Statutory Middle Class Tax Rate is Over 70%

There is an interesting post at Zero Hedge arguing that the statutory tax rate on the middle class in high tax states (read: blue states) is 75%.  This might be slightly high but I think it’s basically accurate.
Above a rather modest $34,600 in taxable income and up to around $106,000, the [statutory] middle class tax [...]

The Obama HealthCare Tax Will Raise Costs

As I previously mentioned, ObamaCare the Obama HealthCare Tax will prove to be temporary.  It is not fiscally sustainable.  When our inevitable fiscal crisis hits in full, ObamaCare the Obama HealthCare Tax will have to be gutted if it is still around.
The left can blather all it wants about how it’s going to save money, [...]

Refining My Comments on the New HealthCare Tax

The left managed to save the ObamaCare Obama HealthCare Tax.  But do they even realize what a price they paid to accomplish this?
There’s a new precedent for striking down statutes on federalism grounds.  There’s a new precedent expressly limiting the scope of the commerce power.  There’s a new precedent limiting the use of the necessary [...]

The Cruelty of Welfare

Progressives like to think they are kind and humane for wanting to expand the welfare state.  I say they are cruel.
Think about the working life of a typical person.  When a person first enters the workforce, his experience, skills and not surprisingly his earnings are the lowest they will ever be.  But over time, as [...]

Free Market Capitalism Works

It has long seemed to me that progressives acted like there was a fundamental law of nature that guaranteed economic growth.  They seemed to believe they could do virtually anything to the economy and our lives would still improve.
They are clearly mistaken but it isn’t always easy to come up with historical economic data since [...]

More Flexibility

Stimulus Bill
GM Bailout
Cash for Clunkers
Bows to foreign monarchs
Denigrates allies
Supports Iranian dictators over Iranian people
Contraception mandate
Scraps missile shield
Defense cuts
Supports violence-filled Occupy protests
Demands higher tax rates
Cancels oil leases
Cancels Keystone Pipeline
$5 trillion in new debt and rising

Obama: “After my election, I have more flexibility.”
Let’s hope he doesn’t get the opportunity.

Bad and Badder

The opposite of Democrat is not Republican.  But opposing the Democrats often requires supporting the Republicans.
Yes, the Republicans suck but at least there’s a strong limited-government contingent. Even if it fails to live up to its own standards, the Republican party at least acknowledges that government should be limited in its scope.  And need I [...]

The HHS Rule Compromise

Obama has offered a “compromise” on the recent HHS decision to require church-affiliated institutions to include contraception.  The “compromise” is that the church-affiliated institutions won’t have to pay for the coverage.  The insurers will have to provide the coverage for free to the subscribers.
Normally, I’d say this “compromise” is pure politics.  Given the bipartisan attacks [...]