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Punching Back Twice as Hard

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit frequently calls on conservatives to “punch back twice as hard.”  He has also embraced the idea of raising certain taxes, specifically ones that will disproportionately hit blue states (such as reducing the deductibility of state income taxes).
Along those lines, I have taken a few of the features and taxes from Obamacare [...]

Tax The Rich!

The top 100 U.S. university endowments have a total value of $310 billion and the top 100 U.S. foundations have assets totaling $244 billion.  I am outraged that they exploit tax loopholes and pay no taxes.  It’s time for them to pay their fair share.  Fix the fiscal cliff - tax the rich!

The Cruelty of Welfare

Progressives like to think they are kind and humane for wanting to expand the welfare state.  I say they are cruel.
Think about the working life of a typical person.  When a person first enters the workforce, his experience, skills and not surprisingly his earnings are the lowest they will ever be.  But over time, as [...]

So Tolerant and Open-Minded

I had an exchange online with an old friend and a few people he knows.  I am posting the text of it, anonymized with a couple minor edits, because the debate and what happened after is such a great snapshot of the left.
Old Friend:
Westerners are not taught that the hoarding of wealth is an act [...]

Their Fair Share

During the fight over the debt ceiling, I kept hearing from the left that the rich need to pay their fair share.  Setting aside the fact that the top 5% earn 35% of income but pay 60% of taxes, and the fact that higher tax rates on the wealthy produce less tax revenue, I expect [...]

Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address

I just read Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address for the first time.  Despite having studied history, I had never actually read it.  I think I have a good idea why it was omitted from the curriculum: it’s totally inconvenient to the left’s world view.  Lincoln lays out an ingenious case for why the Founders are not, [...]

A Case Study in Leftwing Thought

Oklahoma voters approved an amendment to their constitution that bans the use of Sharia law (as well as international law) in its state courts.  A federal judge promptly put issued a temporary restraining order.  I find the left’s reaction to it informative.
Politico has a nice concentrated dose of leftwing thought by people who are supposed [...]


You know conservatives are landing punches when the left starts trotting out the “conservatives are anti-intellectual” argument.  The ever-predictable EJ Dionne pulled this one off the shelf today.
It’s not that we’re against the systematic study of ideas.  We’re all for it.  But for too many intellectuals “systematic study” involves “systematically ignoring” anyone to the right [...]

Lefties: Economic Illiterates

Mrs. Newbie Shooter once told me a story about a crusty old teacher who said she new the leftists had won when economics was pulled from the curriculum in New York.  I bring this up because the Wall Street Journal had a great piece today quantifying just how poorly lefties understand economics.
The summary is this: [...]

More Progressivism

Borepatch has a nice post on progressivism (hat tip to Newbie Shooter).  Here’s my current summary of progressive agenda:
1. Guarantee an expansive and virtually unfettered right of individuals to pursue all the meaningless distractions that modern life has to offer.
2. Restrict and regulate the areas of life that actually have real significance (freedom of expression, [...]

Neanderthals on Campus

Free speech?  Not with knuckle-draggers on campus and the Israeli Ambassador speaking.  The left tells us all cultures have equal value.  Hmmm….really? 
Give the faculty member who speaks up credit.  He doesn’t hold back.  Hat tip to Power Line.

When Government Wins, People Lose

New Jersey is a shining example of this.  And there is finally some recognition of the fact that NJ is losing many of its wealthiest residents for blindingly obvious reasons: the taxes are too high and the business climate too hostile. 
The left, of course, continues to be in denial about a basic fact of the [...]

Virtual Marriage

One of the points defenders of traditional marriage make is that marriage is, first and foremost, about creating and raising children.  It’s not, despite what many proponents of gay marriage contend, about an expression of love.  You don’t need marriage for that.  While obviously you don’t need marriage to create or raise children, your chances [...]

Islam…Just Like Other Religions

One of the Inqy’s resident apologists for all things inexcusable published a post-Fort Hood column attempting to portray a softer side of Islam.  In it, the God of Islam is described as one of love and peace, no different from our God.
That’s right, Islam, which translates as “submission”, is just like other religions.  The news [...]

Too Little Education Funding?

This is one of those pieces that just leaves me so cynical about the left and the media.  Paul Krugman writes that we are shortchanging education in the US.  He offers no actual evidence, of course.
Education, as one of the largest components of public spending, has inevitably suffered.
Oh, really? Take a look at this. We’ve [...]

When Is It Reasonable?

At what point does it become reasonable to describe the left as adhering to an ideology that is not supportive of freedom?  I think the time has long since passed but it is difficult to press the case without sounding like a bit of a lunatic.
A couple reminders of this crossed my screen recently.  First [...]


“If you were to ask a believer in multiculturalism for the tangible…benefits brought [by large numbers of immigrants], not as individuals but as bearers of…culture, he would almost certainly be reduced to silence; for the truth is that believers in multiculturalism are not really very interested in other cultures (for such interest is very hard [...]

Why Can’t the Media Get it Right?

As if the media’s integrity wasn’t already in tatters, they continue to repeat the official line from the left that the public option is not a Trojan horse that would lead to nationalized healthcare.  Why is it that users of YouTube can find a growing list of leftwing politicians, academics and activists who say that’s [...]

Meaningful Words

For many you Europeans, Western civilization comprises little more than pop music, soccer, a sexual free-for-all, social security programs and five-week holidays in exotic places: not a strong position from which to face either the economic or the ideological challenges of the day.
Theodore Dalrymple

“Unacceptable” Free Speech

This gem was tucked away deep within the bowels of the Inquirer today.  To summarize, the U.N. Human Rights Council has passed a resolution calling for countries around the world to prohibit criticism of religion, particularly Islam.  This is a direct, frontal assault on human rights, modernity and western civilization.  When will our so-called great thinkers and [...]