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Violent Leftwing Fantasy

There’s a video that has to be seen to believed.  It’s posted on National Review at the moment.  I think it’s supposed to be a humorous (maybe) attempt by some left wing environmentalists to get people to commit to reducing their carbon footprint.  It involves, though, killing people who don’t sign on (including school kids). [...]


You know conservatives are landing punches when the left starts trotting out the “conservatives are anti-intellectual” argument.  The ever-predictable EJ Dionne pulled this one off the shelf today.
It’s not that we’re against the systematic study of ideas.  We’re all for it.  But for too many intellectuals “systematic study” involves “systematically ignoring” anyone to the right [...]

We Need Big Government?

Donna Brazile has a thoroughly inane piece over at CNN where she says the BP oil spill fiasco proves we need big government.
Of course, she never actually says what authority or resource the government lacked that would either have prevented the mile-deep blown well or allowed it to react better.  Is it her contention that [...]


Coming on the heels of multiple huge snow storms, with another whopper on the way (to say nothing of the ClimateGate scandal, a now steady stream of revelations of errors in the IPCC plus potential ethical and legal problems among climate priests), the geniuses in the Obama (mis)administration are proposing to create a Climate Change [...]

Whither Global Warming?

If anyone finds some of that elusive global warming could you let me know where it is?  As we receive our second 2-feet-or-so snowfall in about a month and a half I could really go for some AGW.

Letter to the Editor

Here is a letter I recently sent to the Philadelphia Inquirer.  It was unpublished, of course.
To the editor,
A recent letter claimed “anyone who is scientifically literate knows that climate-gate is a nonscandal”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, many active scientists (climate and otherwise) have recognized this is a serious problem that undermines trust [...]

False Climate Data

The CRU hacking case just keeps getting better.  Here is a detailed discussion of how the IPCC’s chart for 20th century temperatures in Australia completely contradicts the raw data.  I’ll stop short of calling it fraud because that requires knowledge of motivations. 
But I think the time has come for us to demand that all climate [...]

The CRU/Crappy Media Parallel

As I was writing the previous post on the craptastic legacy media, I realized there’s a remarkable parallel with the unfolding CRU hacked email scandal.  When true believers (leftwing journalists in one case vs climate researchers in the other) control the input (reporting vs climate data) and the “unbiased” check on quality (editors vs peer [...]

When Is It Reasonable?

At what point does it become reasonable to describe the left as adhering to an ideology that is not supportive of freedom?  I think the time has long since passed but it is difficult to press the case without sounding like a bit of a lunatic.
A couple reminders of this crossed my screen recently.  First [...]

No Impact on Prices?

There are times when news articles just leave me scratching my head.  It’s not that I don’t understand what they say.  It’s that I wonder sometimes whether columnists think through fully what they are writing.  Paul Krugman provided my most recent cranial massage.  He wrote:
But suppose that Congress were to mandate gradually tightening emission limits, [...]

Experts and Heretics

There were two pieces in the NY Times recently on completely unrelated topics that I think have a surprising connection.  The first was by Nicholas Kristof and could have been titled “The Tyranny of Experts”.  The key take-aways are that in general experts are not more successful in predicting outcomes than non-experts and the experts [...]

Thou Shalt Not

Thou shalt not question the scientists.  The scientists assured us we are the cause of global warming would be receiving 1 to 3 inches of snow.  Their computer models are very accurate.  They can say with certainty what the climate weather will be like in 100 years 12 hours.  Anyone who believes global warming is [...]

The Green Revolution….Literally

So Carol Browner, former EPA Administrator for Pres. Clinton and incoming Envro-Czar for (almost) Pres. Obama, turns out to literally be a socialist.  No kidding.  Do you think this has been covered by the media other than Foxnews?  Uh….no. 
Maybe tossing around the phrase green revolution isn’t such a great idea.

Oh, The Irony

It recently snowed in London.
It recently snowed in London for the first time since 1922.
It recently snowed in London for the first time since 1922 as Parliament debated a Global Warming Bill.
If that isn’t a satirist’s dream I don’t know what is.

Not Drilling is Bad for the Environment

Charles Krauthammer makes an excellent point today.  He says that not drilling domestically offshore or in ANWR for environmental reasons makes no sense.  The oil that would have been pumped from there is simply going to be pumped from somewhere else.  No amount of wishful thinking about alternative energy sources will change that any time [...]

My Two Part Plan to Fight Global Warming

To do my part to combat global warming I've put together a simple two part plan.  We'll call it the American Manifesto Two Part Plan to Combat Global Warming or the AMTPPCGW.  Since I didn't have a UN sponsored committee to help, I had to come up with that name myself.  The AMTPPCGW consists of [...]

Global Warming - The (13th) Most Pressing Environmental Problem

Here's a link to a nice post over at the Cato Institute's blog site pointing out that, empirically rather than hysterically, global warming ranks a wimpy 13th on the list of big environment problems.  Yes, let's turn modernity on its head and let Prophet Gore run our lives for the 13th most important environment problem.  [...]