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About that Ground Zero Mosque…

You know.  The one Obama likes so much.
Would it be okay for the Sons of Confederate America to build a facility next to where Martin Luther King was assassinated?
Would it be okay for the Mormons to build a church near where Matthew Shepherd was murdered?
Would it be okay for the Klan to sponsor the upkeep [...]

Media Collusion Confirmed

Did you ever get the feeling the legacy media coordinates the coverage (and non-coverage)?  Did you ever sense they weren’t very neutral but were actively taking sides?  Did you ever feel like they were making things up that were patently untrue?  Or that they were attacking certain people for having politically incorrect views?
Well, you were [...]

Tea Drinking Nazis?

The Inquirer had a piece today that was a pretty obvious attempt to paint the Tea Parties as being similar to neo-nazis:  The Tea Partiers are against illegal immigration.  There is a neo-nazi group patrolling the border region (like the Minutemen).  So, the Tea Partiers must actually be nazis or at least nazi sympathizers.  The [...]


I had a letter to the editor published in the Inquirer in response to their anti-McDonald editorial.  It’s not the most exciting piece of writing but it works.

No Double Standard Here…Move Along

When Rep. Kanjorski (D-PA) made his recent comments about how a program he was supporting wasn’t for “minorities” or “defectives”, my reaction was “queue the silence”.  Sure enough, there’s been a whole lot of nothing made of it.
So, I’m just going to make a simple observation.  Isn’t it amazing how you can say some remarkably [...]


You know conservatives are landing punches when the left starts trotting out the “conservatives are anti-intellectual” argument.  The ever-predictable EJ Dionne pulled this one off the shelf today.
It’s not that we’re against the systematic study of ideas.  We’re all for it.  But for too many intellectuals “systematic study” involves “systematically ignoring” anyone to the right [...]

Dictator Love

Woody Allen provides us with yet another example of what the left is really about (power and control).  Woody says Obama should “be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”
That’s surprisingly similar to Thomas Friedman’s dreamy column about the awesomeness of one party rule in China. [...]

Letter Published

I had a letter published in today’s Inquirer.  Amusingly, Mother Manifesto read the letter in the paper and said “yeah!  right on!” before she noticed it was from her son.
It’s amazing how the people who claim to hear the echo of Jim Crow in the tea parties fail to hear the rumble of Marxism on [...]

Tea Parties Invade Greece!

With all the demonstrations and political violence in Greece, I’m thinking the Tea Parties must have relocated.  The left, after all, is by definition calm, rational and non-violent and by default political violence only occurs on the right.  Got that?

No-Bid Contracts: Then and Now

Just a few short years ago we were told that no-bid contracts going to KBR were proof of corruption and cronyism in the White House.  What a difference a couple years makes!  I guess the current administration must used some of that magic transparency dust it has to make this crony-free.
That or there’s a double [...]

We Were Right

Just weeks after ObamaCare has been signed into law we’re already starting to hear that the bill is going to raise the cost of healthcare.  So it turns out the majority of Americans who were called reactionaries, racists, liars, homophobes, stupid, uneducated, violent and seditious for opposing it were, in fact, right.
Will the luminaries on [...]

Of Slime and Logic Models

It’s no secret that I find the left to be a pretty disreputable bunch.  I don’t have a fancy for people who want to take my liberty away and administer my life for me.  I find their condescending we’re-so-much-smarter-than-you attitude particularly loathsome.  Perhaps that’s why I so thoroughly enjoy it when they put on display [...]

Progressive Accomplishments

Speaking of lefties on the offensive, Prof. Bernstein lists a number of progressive “accomplishments” over the last century.
alcohol prohibition; coercive eugenics (upheld in an appallingly insensitive opinion by Progressive hero O.W. Holmes); residential segregation by race …bans on private schools…judicial recall elections; and restrictions on women’s participation in the labor market…immigration restrictions….segregation in federal workplaces.
But, [...]

Imposing Morality

I was recently debating a colleague on a variety of political topics.  He kept repeating an often-heard lefty refrain, “Republicans want to impose their morality on people”.   This is a common talking point and, and best, incomplete.
Setting aside the somewhat esoteric issue of whether all laws are a reflection of morality, is it really [...]

Tax Day Tea Party

I had the opportunity today to attend the Philadelphia Tax Day Tea Party.  It was pretty much what I expected: amusing homemade signs, flags aplenty (both U.S. and Gadsden), pleasant and respectful people.  I’d even go so far as to say it was better attended than I anticipated, perhaps a few hundred people.  The speakers [...]

Who Is Open Minded?

Tyler Cowan has a link to a new paper analyzing online political reading.  One of the quotes is from the paper is:
Visitors of extreme conservative sites such as and are more likely than a typical online news reader to have visited
Setting aside the issue of whether Limbaugh and Beck are appropriately described [...]

A Simple Observation About The Left

The left exaggerates the bad elements of the country’s past (slavery and discrimination, example) as a tool to discredit the better elements (such as limited government and a can-do culture that combined to produce a uniquely prosperous nation).  Do they apply the same logic to their own history?  To quote John Boehner, “Hell no!”.
The left’s [...]

A Dangerously Selective Memory

Apropos of my previous post, I encountered this video review of some lefties during the Bush years.  The closing quote: “We’ll have to kill somebody I guess.”
But the media tells us it’s the Tea Parties that are scary and dangerous.  Riiiight.

The Lefty Echo Chamber

I am firmly convinced that the left exists in a self-congratulatory echo chamber.  This is particularly true in certain areas of the country.  One of the consequences of this is often that their logic and ideas are unchallenged, untested, and just plain sloppy.  They are not stupid or evil people.  They simply aren’t rigorous in [...]

Choo Choo!

Now boarding on track 1600, the Fiscal Train Wreck Express, making stops in Kickback Nebraska, Purchased Louisiana and a town near you!  Amenities include IRS audits, statist coverage mandates, a crushing tax burden and fiscal instability.  Ladies and gentlemen, please note a schedule change: this train will not be stopping at Freedom Junction.  All aboard!