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DHS Active Shooter Video

DHS has published a video describing what people can do in an active shooter situation.  It deserves much ridicule, which it is already receiving.
I’d like to point out one detail that is particularly worthy of contempt.  If you are not able to escape or successfully hide, the narrator suggests you should consider using objects to [...]

The Connecticut Shooting Sarcasm

A few random pieces of sarcasm in response to calls for gun control after yesterday’s murder spree:

Thank goodness no one at the school had a gun.  They might have hurt someone with it.
We wouldn’t want anyone there with a gun when the shooting starts.  It’s better to wait for the police to bring their guns.
The [...]

The Connecticut Shooting

Yesterday’s mass shooting at a Connecticut kindergarten hit awfully close to home. Mrs. Manifesto and I are beginning to look at kindergartens for Little Girl Manifesto. Plus we have friends in Connecticut, having gone to school in New York.
Already the predictable and vague calls for more gun control are beginning. Funny [...]

Leftist Suppresses Dissent

Not surprisingly in the wake of the Aurora movie theater shooting my lefty dominated Facebook wall had many calls for more gun control.  One friend posted a particularly bad poster that was filled with basic factual errors.
I posted a response gently correcting the record. Another lefty reacted to my comments with a borderline incoherent, utopian [...]

Second Degree Murder

So, George Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.  Unless the prosecutor has some additional information that hasn’t been released to the public (like the ballistics analysis), it seems to me the prosecutor has overcharged Zimmerman.
Here is how Florida defines second degree murder.  § 782.04(2) reads:
The unlawful killing [...]

Bad and Badder

The opposite of Democrat is not Republican.  But opposing the Democrats often requires supporting the Republicans.
Yes, the Republicans suck but at least there’s a strong limited-government contingent. Even if it fails to live up to its own standards, the Republican party at least acknowledges that government should be limited in its scope.  And need I [...]

Another Yummy Serving of Fail for the Gun Controllers

Homicide has dropped of the list of the top causes of death in the U.S. at the very time that gun ownership is expanding.  Want some antacid on the side, guys?

Gun-Owning Law Students

In one my classes today, our professor asked how many of us were gun owners.  I’ll spare you the details but it was a logical, if surprisingly blunt, question given the subject of the class that day.
4 out of 14 students answered yes.  Of the 4 gun owners, two were women.
If this is a representative [...]

National Self-Defense vs. Personal Self-Defense

There has ben a lot of discussion by the academic left about whether the killing of Osama Bin Laden was justified.  The people questioning the OBL killing don’t seem to question that a nation has a right to defend itself from a direct attack, but are raising the question of whether that is applicable here.
I’m [...]


I had a letter to the editor published in the Inquirer in response to their anti-McDonald editorial.  It’s not the most exciting piece of writing but it works.

Second Amendment Blog Bash

I recently returned from the annual Second Amendment Blog Bash at the NRA Annual Meeting.    It was really quite spectacular.  Special thanks goes to Bitter who put together a great set of events.  She also arranged for the bloggers to have media credentials which was a really great bonus.
Thanks also to my hosts Mr., [...]

Letter to the Editor

The following was a letter submitted to the Inquirer in response to this letter.
A recent letter challenged anyone who has studied history to identify even one founder who would have agreed with Justice Scalia on guns.  I’ve studied our history and here are just a few.
James Mason: “to disarm the people is the best and [...]

Hunters and Locavores

A letter to the editor in today’s Inquirer complained about a previous article that referred to hunting as a sport.  The author wrote that “a sport involves two equally matched teams on a level playing field”.  Oh yeah?  Clearly she’s never watched a 76ers game.  They’re 5 and 14 as of today.  I’ll bet the [...]

Something Not Often Seen in NJ

I returned to my car which was parked in a restaurant’s parking lot, and discovered the car next to me also had an NRA Life Member sticker on it.  Two people willing to admit they are NRA Life Members at the same time in the same place in NJ?  I’m surprised there isn’t a state [...]

Local Bloggers Confab

Bitter was kind enough to include me in a local gun bloggers’ confab today.  It was a splendid event.  The first of many, I hope.

Happy Heller Day

One year ago the Supreme Court confirmed what should have been obvious: the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right that actually means something.  We still have a long way to go in rolling back the many unconstitutional restrictions on our gun rights and Heller will be an important piece of that.  [...]

Nice Historical Trivia

In addition to being a Civil War general, a U.S. president and someone in my family tree, Ulysses Grant was apparently a president of the National Rifle Association.  I knew I liked him.

La Pierre vs Rendell

Wayne LaPierre and Ed Rendell locked horns this weekend over reinstating the assault weapons ban.  Rendell is a good debater but this one was no contest - LaPierre won easily.  The facts are not with Fast Eddie on this one.
One thing that stuck out was the issue of “high capacity” magazines.  LaPierre pointed out that [...]

Data on Mass Shootings

Here’s a great overview from Dave Hardy of key data that’s been assembled on post-Columbine mass shootings.

incidents last about 8 minutes
the murderer deliberately targets and ambushes defenseless victims
the murderer has no interest in hostages or negotiations
the murderer “typically fold[s] quickly upon armed confrontation”

All of these underscore the fact that people who are armed and able to defend [...]


A quasi governmental group called the Missouri Information Analysis Center has published a list of warning signs that someone may be part of a militia.
Here are some highlights:
People who supported former third-party presidential candidates like Texas Rep. Ron Paul…[and] Bob Barr.
Would this be an inopportune moment to admit I was a Paulestinian who eventually voted Libertarian?
Other potential [...]